9:33 PM, Tuesday, February 9th, 2016:
Daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn, 48 hours later BITCHES. Got this done really quick. Great tournament. A freaking (-8) cut? Jesus that's difficult. Here we go:
Black space for scrolling away the spoilers...
Matt didn't make the cut. What the shit? That's crazy. Basically the Top rankings got turned upside down. Michael and Steven take the top 2 spots, Fred in the middle, then me and Matt at the bottom... and in fact, Matt technically isn't even on the board since he didn't qualify. He will of course, but just a wild way to start. The good thing is, this will make the points race extremely competitive all year unlike the past couple.
Also, should announce this change - one I made a month or so ago - I'm allowing the tour players who for whatever reason can't make it within the qualifying times to play a little early or a little late to at least get their one round in for their 20 points (10 in match-play). Points are now so crucial and schedules so crazy that the least I can do is give players the chance to at least record their one round sometime that day if they can't be there for the qualifying hours and tournament. Everyone agreed that was fair and you obviously can't get into the tournament playing outside the qualifying hours, but at least you get your participation points. This time, Don could only get there late so he recorded a round the day of the tournament, but wasn't able to play in the finals (not that he could've gotten in with a freaking (-8) being the cut holy shit.
So yeah, about that cut. Sadly, it's so high that anyone who hasn't played for years doesn't have a shot. Actually I take that back, AJ McNeil had a (-7) going into Hole 9 and ended up bogeying for a (-6) so he actually could've gotten it in only his 2nd time out. That dude is a legit player and will make some noise in the bracket in March....
...of course that would make him the 8th really, really good player we have so if all 8 show up in March? The cut could still be (-7) even for a Top 8 qualifying tournament. I'm afraid we're to the point that only incredibly good players have a chance which is going to make it very difficult to attract new players. But really, what can you do? The majors are now going to turn into these massive gridlocks of (-8) and (-7) where playoffs determine who gets in... because everyone is now very, very good. I'm extremely fortunate to have gotten that (-8) something I've only ever done ONE OTHER TIME in 17 tournaments including hundreds of qualifying and final rounds. That's crazy. I mean, YAY! We've gotten to this point, but it's intimidating to new players so that's kind of a bummer. I may need to come up with a secondary contest for newcomers because these scores are fucking impossible. So onto the event...
Holy shit Fred gets the course record of (-9) the only time anyone has EVER done that in qualifying. Crazy. His next round by the way? an (-8). So although it wasn't a legit back to back 18 holes, the man did get (-17) in 18 straight holes of golf. Fuckouttahere. Then of course in the finals, he gets a (-3) like me. It happens.
Matt misses the cut and loses his shit in the last hour trying to get people to play with him - LOL. Thank you to Michael who donated his time to help, because I sure as fuck wasn't going to. I do have to say this about Matt, he ALWAYS plays with people who need help getting in...
...but it's because he's always safe. I on the other hand will not help someone knock my ass out of the tournament. And I don't expect anyone who is on the brink of the cut to help me either! Michael was right at the cut and helped Matt try and tie all of us and, well, that's nice of him. Not me. I was like "I'm not fucking playing again... shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit." He got close, but wasn't able to pull it off. I can't imagine an (-8) is gonna be the cut from now on for majors. It just can't be. Whew.
In the tournament of course... Steven really, really had a great chance. That putt on 8 would've tied Michael and I think he would've choked a bit. Once Steven missed it? Game, set, match and his streak goes to 18. Wow. I have no doubt he'll get it though. (-8) is just a crazy score, his personal best, and he got it right off the bat. We're all capabale of it now and it's honestly anyone's game.
And of course Michael wins! After a 9 tournament drought he pulls it out and gets his 2nd major. Sadly, once Steven wins I now have the longest losing streak at 6 tournaments. Figures I made that corner and it will eventually probably be for me. Heh. I have had an awful dry spell. I have lost 10 of the last 12 tournaments and 8 of the last 9. I am off my game. Of course, and every player will admit this, I'm never concentrating on golf. I'm usually working my fingers to the bone building the weeks leading up to it and spend all morning preparing the course. I'm physically and mentally drained by the time the first person gets there and then I have to direct an entire documentary about the day with interviews, etc. Then kids and helping Talya where I can... it's a mad house. How I'm even able to qualify sometimes blows my mind. That's alright, I like that - but I would like to win a couple again. I like those trophies, they take a long time to make, and I'd like a few more. LOL.
But congrats Michael, you had a great all around day even though you were certain you wouldn't and you're one tournament away from 3rd and two away from 2nd! Christ man, you could own it all this year. Keep it up!
And also, yes, it's Superman time. I'm trying to co-ordinate with Marc McClure to help christen the Jimmy Olsen hole, but it's happening. I'm designing the stairway to get up to the Superman Tee from the Tree Table which will house the very first Net-Zero Stroke! An extremely risky shot that risks an off-course but if you stay on the green that stroke is counted as 0, with the next stroke being 1. Of course if you do go off-course, your next stroke is STILL 1, but you have to go right back to where you started: The Superman Tee. If you can keep it on the green, you have a great shot at a 1-stroke birdie and of course if you have the absolute ULTIMATE luck you could somehow get a hole-in-one for an eagle on a par 2 which would be scored a 0. Honestly, it's only something you'll try if you're way behind and we have yet to have ANYONE get a hole-in-one from there at the angle I'm designing it... so the sanctity of the stats will remain. That's my biggest concern - I don't want to fuck with the stats. Par 23 is pretty perfect. A lot of design and practice coming up while I work it out, but it will be AWESOME when someone decides to WALK THE STEPS up to the Superman Tee and take the chance. Can't wait.
So there ya go! It's GolfKon Season. Yay.