10:52 PM, Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016:
Those fucking drone shots are unreal. Wow.
So it took a bit longer than I figured because I was in the "mode" and decided to make a 4 person bench with a bunch of storage for below the booth. It always annoyed me that the path to the bar was all congested with chairs so there wasn't a straight line.
You always need a straight line to a bar.
As well, the boxes that house all the balls had come apart a bit and rusty nails were sticking out. Had actually been like that for months, so, yeah. Redid that and all the putters...
...then I had to recess outdoor speakers INTO the booth because, of course. I'll probably try and figure out a way to get it all working so whomever is broadcasting can also hook into the speakers for announcements as well as a nice way to play some music, etc.
But yeah, I went "up". Bound to happen at some point on the course - and I've given up on saying "final". Who knows what comes next now. Well, the addition to the house most likely, but yeah, thinking in a new dimension certainly makes me rethink a few things. For now, I'm thrilled. The view from up there is just perfect and It really finishes off what used to just be where I smashed my trailer into. That tiny 5 foot space from the wall to the tree is now the broadcast booth and GolfKon Bar? I mean look at this:
See that tree, the white trailer and the wall RIGHT next to it?
That all fits there now. How the shit. My backyard looks like a movie set. I mean, duh, that's kind of the point, but wow. It's really hitting me now for some reason. I guess it's because that was the final "wasted space" - the dog shit. Oh and about that...
...remarkably, the pups seem to like the "SHIT CAVE" better. They know to go INTO it and I clean it everyday anyway, so it's honestly no work for me. Really isn't a smell as long as I keep up with it and hey, solving THAT problem forced me to move UP. I can't tell you what levels do to an area. Mandatory. The number one selling point of the guesthouse is when you walk in you see multiple levels. You walk up to the open kitchen and up again to the bathroom. Why? I needed the water to drain correctly. Simple problem solving, but it forces such a unique view and gives the feeling of more space.
So now all that's left before Sunday is maybe a little finishing work on the storage portion of the back bars and a little touch-up stuff for the course that needs it, but yeah - this was the big one and I got it done quite quickly.
Oh and rewatching the video with Cam in it reminded me that last month, January 18th, 2016, this happened:
At 2 years and 3 weeks old, Cameron Kontras completed his first game all the way through, absolutely no preferential treatment. Vienna still doesn't have the concentration to do this and honestly? Cam BARELY did. Also, 16-over may not sound very impressive but I have to drive home the point of just how young he is and it's one of the only time I will use the dreaded "months" to describe his age. 24 months is extremely young to be able to complete 39 shots in a row trying to navigate 9 holes. Even understanding the concept that you keep hitting the ball until it goes in is a bit difficult to explain but the fact that 6 of the 9 holes were UNDER the max of 6? Jesus, man, that's unreal. Now, Hole 6 was an absolute fluke. He hit his second shot so poorly it banked off the wall and just rolled in for a birdie. Truly for the forseeable future, 6, 7 & 8 are 6s. Way, way too much skill needed to pull that off and I will have to truly teach him form and stance, but he'll get it when he's 3, no doubt. If I get the chance Sunday, I will walk Cameron through the course and see if I can't get him officially in the books with a complete game. He's a good couple of years from actually getting under par, but he'll get there.
Anyway, proud dad moment over. It's 11:30 and Cam will be screaming at 5 for no fucking reason, so I'd better get some sleep.
Up. Who woulda thunkit.