5:04 PM, Sunday, January 31st, 2016:
Goddamn this is funny to me...
So as I've sort of alluded to, I gained a little weight as the year ended. Thankfully, it's fashionalbe to be lazy as fuck and never shave and that also hides the 200 pound frame beneath. Seriously I went from 200 to 185 and absolutely no one would know because of this RIDICULOUS beard. And honestly, I dig the lumberjack thing. This time though, I went nearly 2 months and this fucker was EPIC. One day I realized I did indeed look like Lonely Luke from The Force Awakens. It was pretty clear I would have to do the turnaround robe thing before I shaved it off.
Well, the time had finally come. I was so goddamned sick of the beard and it was juuuuuuuuuust time. The grey underneath was OUT OF CONTROL. You can't tell from the pic above, but man, look at this:
Holy 65 year old, Batman. I shave it? Even leaving a goatee we have this...
Bizarre. I did want to wait until I hit the 170s but ugh, who cares. Time to feel like me. Now of course I can't hide the weight gain unless I mug for the camera like I did above, but that's even more motivation to keep going. It's my 15th anniversary of doing my first big weight loss and it's going pretty much as expected even given the difference between 25 and 40.
Wait, fuck I didn't even post the video. Duh. Here:
All my batteries were out on my auto-focus cameras. That's all I can think when I see that, but The Journey waits for no one. Shit needs to get done, this is the last day of the month and my ass can't get too behind on these entries.
Today has been nothing but rain which gave me some time to catch-up piecing these fuckers together and then tomorrow? BACK TO THE CONSTRUCTION! Making a broadcasting deck. Should have it done for the next entry on Tuesday or Wednesday. WOOT!
Alright! I'm back to me! Bring on February!