4:03 PM, Friday, January 22nd, 2016:
Just wild.
So there's no way of hiding this now... the guy I met in November, whom I wrote locked entry #1589 about is Greg Grunberg. Incredibly Laura Adler hired me to do a video for the Artios Awards and asked her sister if any of her clients might be able to host. Of course her sister, Alisa (who represented me with Comedy Central) suggests none other than her client, Greg. Of course I go to the Awards show to see my little video and we meet again...
...in fact, I'm just gonna explain it all in the video, so here:
Just amazing. As I said in the video, it does indeed always help when there's multiple angles to a connection. Kind of like the adage that you need a deal to get a deal in showbiz. Hell, even here - it's nice I have an indirect connection to Kevin Smith now, but believe me, I want him to have seen "Back in Time" and already know who I am when and if Greg does bring me up to him. Oh yeah! I saw that guy in that Back to the Future movie. That's why having that documentary on Netflix means sooooooo much. Would also love to contact Kevin directly and he has heard of me from the documentary AND Greg. Just how this business works. You have to hit every angle to even have someone give you a moment's thought. Seems shitty, but in reality? They have so many people clamoring to get their attention for one crazy thing or another, it makes sense. Time is precious. Of course the good thing here is... GolfKon is built. It's not an idea, it already is. It's an entity not a possibility. The rest really does work itself out with the right connections. Hopefully after Greg's interview in March, the ball will get rolling. Waiting is, of course, excrutiating. But I'm the one who had to gain so much weight that I can't even attempt to do on-camera stuff until March. I look completely different. The beard is a humourous way to deflect that, but mid-March I'll finally be in the 160s again, which is where I was during the previous Hats & Minigolfs. Have to at least keep that consistent...
The night was pretty cool. The Artios Awards are for casting directors put on by the Casting Society of America:
Laura works there, they were honoring Director Danny Boyle, and she contacted me to do his video. It turned out great, would love to show you, but the copyright issues are fucking insane. Spoke with him a couple times last night and he was awesome. Loved the video, extremely complimentary and I love his films. What a cool little anecdote to my strange life.
William H. Macy was also there and man, that's exactly the type of person I think would shine on a Hats & Minigolf episode specifically because no one thinks they would. Serious actors are far more funny and affable than people know, they often just find a niche in serious drama or even black comedies and don't get the opportunities to show the other side off. Also, most interviews want to focus on what the celebrity is known for and that's where I get to be unique:  I don't. The first Hats & Minigolf question addresses what they're known for IMMEDIATELY to get it out of the way so we can have move on and have fun. Man, I can ramble about that show. I know it can be on TV.
The night was interesting and a bit hazy as I would go in and out of remembering the handful of auditions I ever got... understanding the difficulty casting directors go through when seeing hundreds of people with demanding deadlines and entrusting who they choose to pull off the work. I know actors certainly have it rough, but so do the casting directors... and the good ones are worth their weight in gold. Such a crucially important piece of the filmmaking process.
And of course, Greg knows I'm a bit more than the Delorean dude with the minigolf course and hopefully that means something to him and this connection won't fade away. Sure doesn't feel like it. It certainly feels like being in the midst of Field of Dreams and watching all your crazy ideas get recognition.