10:03 AM, Thursday, January 14th, 2016:
I knew they were too young for Yellow Submarine. It's a pretty frightening movie and considering cartoons today, I was sure I was pushing it. I tried anyway. I started the movie...
One full hour, Vienna asking questions throughout and Cam just watching following her lead. Woah.
This leads to questions about John, Paul, George and Ringo. Then we ask Alexa (The Amazon Echo speaker thingee) to play some Beatles - BOOM, every Beatles song, streamed forever without commericials thanks to an Amazon Prime Account. What follows can only be described as an obsession.
So I get the Beatles blu-ray of their videos. I figure she'll maybe like the ones in color? She watches all 27 videos in a row (Cam gets antsy within 5 and needs to go break some shit) and is HOOKED. How on earth does a black and white video of those guys singing do that to 2 and 3 year olds? I mean, watch this...
...had to add in that part at the end because, well, that's the truth. LMAO. Cam is still the annoying brother.
But Vienna is obsessed with the Beatles. Now I'm bringing out Beatle figures and toys and cards and showing her movies (Help! freaked her out too much because she was sure Ringo was gonna die). I mean, she actively gets and understands this phenomenon... instantly. I know, I know it's the Beatles, every generation will love them - but I really thought it required maybe 4 or 5 years old to "Get" them? Like, she screams when they come on screen and jumps up and down like she's a teenager. Whaaaaaaaaat?
They're magic. I mean, there was a time when I was such a big Beatle fan that I was the undisputed "King of Beatle Trivia" on WTVN and people tried to stump me. I was insaaaaaaaane about 'em. Still love everything McCartney puts out, a total inspiration, so I knew they were special, duh. They're our Mozart, they will be around in 1000 years. No doubt...
...but even I am stunned that they can grab someone so young, so hard, and they truly find them amazing. This is a girl obsessed with Frozen for soooooo long. It's just crazy to me. Wonderful, incredible - but truly, truly shocking. I've actually waited a couple weeks before writing anything because I just had to be sure this wasn't some random thing she liked. No, she gets it, it's awesome, and I'm THRILLED.
Like everyone, The Beatles will come and go throughout her life. That's the true brilliance of the band, they mean completely different things to you as you grow up. Your favorite "era" changes often as you change. It's amazing how complex their body of work is in such a remarkably short amount of time. I hope I can take them to a Paul McCartney concert before it's said and done. How cool.