6:44 PM, Tuesday, January 5th, 2015:
No messing around. First order of business for the new year? Get a business sponsor for (hopefully) the entire 2016 GolfKon Season so I don't have to chase and beg. I think this video should help tremendously.
Whew. Can't get much more professional than that. A massive, massive thank you to the director of "Back in Time", Jason Aron, who incredibly gave me my ENTIRE interview, both cameras as well as the audio file so I could put this reel and other reels together for Hats & Minigolf. Greg Johnson also gave me the guitar instrumental directly from the score of the movie to tie it all together. The end result is hopefully several high profile businesses wanting to be part of our events...
...which in turn means I don't have to kill myself before every event trying to line up sponsors and charities and tracking down checks, etc. It's an absolute clusterfuck and one I could barely do in 2015. I ended up writing my own check for one event, giving up on 4 others, and still trying to get a screengrab of Key Info's donation to "Make a Wish" since they did it online. UGGGGGGGGH. With one sponsor per year, we can not only streamline the process, but allow for better exposure on the course. My big hope?
Nerdist.com. They would be the most obvious, organic sponsor. I did a RentTheDelorean gig with them, they're all very cool - and this is totally a nerd-haven with all the geeky 80s movies. Hopefully they already have a charity in mind that they donate to and we can work something out. After that? It's anyone's guess, but I have to assume that of all the charity events businesses see on their radar each year, this will be refreshing.
Annnnnnnnnnd we're off! 2016! Super pumped.