6:58 PM, Friday, January 1st, 2015:
I was so excited to get past the holidays I started eating right and working out on Monday. I am ready to get to my fighting weight and focus on one goal this year: getting Hats & Minigolf SOLD. No long winded reasoning, no setting it up - it was something I honestly wanted to try to do last year and was indeed able to pitch it once, but the enormity that was 2015 just couldn't allow me to focus the way you need to. Hell, as I said in my last entry - there was indeed a priority list last year and RentTheDelorean.com was the top THREE. That is of course, donnnnnnnne.
So what exactly does this entail? Bugging the fuck out of people while losing some weight. Well, let's be honest - a lot of weight. Interestingly though, 15 years ago this week was the first time I ever got serious and lost a whopping 50 pounds. I've never been able to maintain a 150 pound frame for more than 1 or 2 seconds, but I should be able to maintain 160. It's skinny, sure, but doable. The good thing is, I know exactly what to do, exactly how to do it... exactly the calories I need to eat... it's almost boring, but quite necessary. I'm not going into a pitch looking dumpy. Hats & Minigolf is an awesome and unique show idea that has mainstream appeal that simply needs the right connections...
...connections I may already have. Time will tell on that, but the guy I met in November (at a gas station of all places) is not only a great guest for the show, he knows some big people. And that's honestly how all of this works: who you know. Excited about everything for sure. Again, so much so - I started early because I'm just READY for 2016!!! The Christmas tree went down TODAY. DONE. I couldn't be more excited to put a final button on a year in my LIFE. And as for excitement going into a new year for something career related? It has been 9 years. 2007 was the last time I was blessed to start a year with this much excitement. GODDDDDDDDDDDD I'm ready. LET'S DO THIS!!!
For this entry's video, I'm going to post what I believe is the most well-rounded interview of the 6 Hats & Minigolf episodes we've done. Obviously I'll be making a specific reel, but since that's not done - I have to present this one... specifically because Mo gets "real". This was the interview that really helped me define what I wanted the show to be about: life. We start with the "elephant in the room" question literally just to get it out of the way. It's the "yes, you're best known for ____ can we move on?" question... at which point we have a drink or two, play some golf and just shoot the shit about life philosophies in relationships, jobs, etc. Sure, that usually means showbiz... but not always. Those are the moments where it feels special and of course the car ride inevitably takes yet another layer of vulnerability off and it, again, gets real. From her losing her insurance to advice she gives her son to today's feminism... it's an extremely well-rounded interview and it's Mo Collins, duh, it's also hilarious.
So please, if you haven't seen this, take a few moments to enjoy it. This is what will lead my 2016 and something I believe in far more than renting a Delorean Time Machine. Also, there is a very good chance that this is blocked for a good part of this year for pitch purposes, so watch now or forever hold your peace:
Wow. Again. Just, MAN THAT SHOULD BE ON TV. Even if you just stop at the 9 holes and then sit at the bar for a bit so it's not reminiscent of Comedians in Cars getting Coffee... it just works. The pacing works. The subplot of the competition works. I'm just in love with the uniquity of this thing and cannot wait to see what 2016 brings.