4:25 PM, Thursday, December 31st, 2015:
We made it!
The final entry of 2015 and what better way to give an overview than me and Mayor Goldie Wilson himself breaking open a Pepsi Perfect, mixing it with the greatest whiskey ever (Lagavulin) and talking about the year!??! So why am I still typing?!?!
Man that has to be the quickest 48 minutes online. I just sat through it again. Granted, it was my year, but still - the dynamic of Don trying to be cool and professional and me constantly calling him out on his BS is AWESOME. LMAO. I actually released this yesterday and already got the "you guys should do a show together!" lines. I honestly don't know in what other category that type of dynamic works. Nearly everything else requires some honesty. Can't be worried about how ya look kinda stuff... Don ain't there yet, man. And since the year was so colorful and crazy it came off funny, but if we were talking politics or anything with a hint of seriousness, his holding back would make me insaaaaaaaane. Hell it made me insane in this video, but I was having so much fun it didn't really matter. Still can't believe half the shit I said to him - LMAO - "THIS DRUNK MOTHERFUCKER..."
But what a great year. And I do mean it, this entire Back to the Future adventure of the past 2 years will be remembered more than anything as gaining an actual friend. The gigs will go, the furor has already died, but Don's a good dude who I was happy to work with as much as I did. He's also a GolfKon nut and a drone afficianado and goddamnit when the cameras aren't on as brutally frank, honest and loud as me. One of these days he'll show that to the world. Hopefully, soon.
Not sure what more I can add except: I did it! More than I thought humanly possible. Strangely the same way I just picked up construction and then started making crazy shit that got the attention of the news and documentaries... I did the same renting a freaking car. I overcame the insanity that was 2014 and that whackjob who continues to fuck with me by doubling the investment while keeping the car. Boom. It is of course, over. I'll be lucky to pull off $20k next year with rentals, but I never expected to. 2016 was always going to be phase 2: getting Hats & Minigolf sold. First up? A ton of weight to lose as being offered free food and drinks at every stop was a pleasure I couldn't pass up. I'm good at focusing though and by early May/end of April I shall achieve it. More about 2016 in the next entry.
Man, I feel like I'm leaving something out, but the truth is? I did so many "documentary-style" videos this year of the great events it's all there. And of course this video is a nice overview. I guess I just can't believe it's over! 2015 was so far away and in a few hours it will be ancient history. I did it justice. My 9-year-old self would be very, very excited for us.
Happy New-Year!