9:26 PM, Monday, December 28th, 2015:
It's interesting, I've spent a very full year being part of many couple's gifts to each other with the Delorean. It's an honor, I love it and am always impressed by the lengths they go to surprising each other. It's stunning really...
...and something Talya and I have never done.
Weird? I think it is...
...but I do mean never. We don't buy each other anything. Not for birthdays or anniversaries, not cards or flowers or presents just nothing. I big fat nothing. I know the common joke is that's a trap! They really want something!
But I REALLY don't. Talya swears to me she doesn't either and after 5 years together I believe her. Neither of us want THINGS. Or if we NEED things, we GET things when we NEED them and move about our day. Our focus is on the kids and when it comes to us? We spend time together. We go out together. That's what we do with our money and we like it. Nothing feels like it's missing...
...so what are we missing? I've spent time with couples that plan remarkable shit and I gotta say - it looks fun! Like, I can't wait to travel in about 15 years when we're empty nesters but it's all about that experience. I want to experience everything I can with her, including raising kids. That's the fun of life. If she needs something? GET IT! We have the money, giddy-up. If I need something, I get it! It has just always felt like a waste of energy to buy something the other person may or may not like. We know what experiences we like, so why can't we just do that EVERY FREE MOMENT we have? And again, not to judge because I truly am heartwarmed watching grown men and women tear up when their significant other BLOWS their minds by having me show-up in their favorite movie car... but that aspect of our relationship is nonexistent and I don't feel the tiniest sense of loss.
It's getting more and more bizarre as I type it. But it is.
So tonight we went out to eat for our anniversary. Every year on this day we vowed to always eat at a different restaurant - this year was The Sushi House in Studio City. Very yummy, though we still prefer our favorite place because it tastes identical and is half the price. Nice to have a different atmosphere of course. Then of course we came home to what (and this will be eye-roll worthy to most of you) truly feel like our gifts: Vienna & Cam. These two have suddenly become friends. Laughing, giggling, scheming - hardly ever fighting - friends. It's the greatest thing ever. It's sure to be temporary, but wow - while it's here, it's hilarious.
Boys man. They don't give a fuck. Cam will jump off a ledge in a moment's notice or bang his head on the floor for a laugh without giving it a second thought. I hesitate to laugh, because I'm sure that's not a skill we should encourage THIS young, but it has served him well so far.
So happy anniversary, Talya. I can see us in a couple decades in a foreign country picking up little things for each other for fun, or maybe planning surprise trips, etc... but I am overjoyed we're on the same page about the other stuff. And if at any point you feel that romantic gift is necessary to feel closer? I'm happy to play along. Hell, maybe even I'll want it. Who knows. As always, communication gets us through everything.