8:50 AM, Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015:
Man, I haven't sat on the toilet and ugly cried in what, 8 years? And thankfully, it was about shit from 8 years ago! And 15 years ago! And, whew...
So less than an hour ago I got this email:
Hi Adam.
Hope you and the family are enjoying the holidays. Anyway, I was doing some digital housekeeping and ran into my VLOG THIS! files from 2 years ago. And since our distributor wasn't able to sell VLOG THIS! to the networks, I decided to upload them all on YouTube.
If you're interested in seeing your episode, here's the link and I hope like it.
Warm Regards,
Suffice to say, I was interested. That interview was over 3 years old and one of the many things that have come and gone on this long Journey. I knew that instead of a documentary, she ended up turning it into a TV show and I was the first episode she was pitching to the networks. That's honestly all I knew or have known for years. So to wake up (after a night of insomnia sitting in my living room staring off into space) and see this, was out-of-body. Because suddenly - I'm back to that other dude. Remember him? That guy I keep hinting to people about when they think I'm the Delorean Minigolf guy? The guy I'm finally focusing on in 2016 now that we made enough money and Hats & Minigolf is a good idea? Well here he is and oh yeah, it's overwhelmingly emotional and crammed into a half-hour TV show.
Whew. I called her immediately and she's at the pier so reception is all goofy, but I guess that allows me to write here.
First off, can't even begin to tell you how strange it is to see your life through someone else's eyes. It's beautiful actually. What they find important is always a little different and I cannot believe how enveloped in the site she had to be to pull that off. She picked some videos I haven't seen since I shot them... that's the eeeeeeeeriest feeling. It still is how I describe it in that piece: this visceral "being there" moment because my ancillary memories are kind of gone... I only remember the videos. So yeah, that piece... 2x4 to the head... but the timing! JESUS. I'm shooting the video with Don today. Yearender... putting the final nail button on this chapter and focusing on "THAT ADAM" again. To get this email, to see that video... what a reminder. What... an inspiration actually.
And jesus, this is going to be the diet/workout regime of the century. I'm actually heavier (by 1 pount) than I've ever been almost by design: I like having to focus on health for a couple months and work for it. I like getting to the end of the year and letting go... and enjoying THAT. I like the ebb and flow. I certainly would like my fluctuation to be 10-20 pounds and not FIFTY, but that's how this year ended up. October kicked my ASS. So much free food and alcohol and being treated like a celebrity at these events... and then being so busy you can barely sleep let alone eat right... but honestly? I've enjoyed the FUCK out of it. I'm glad I didn't try and limit myself. It was fun! Now it isn't. And now I need to get serious so I can even attempt to pitch in March/April. I sure as fuck can't now...
"Who's this homeless fat santa fucker?" HA.
Alright, gotta go set-up for Don at GolfKon. Ready to crack open that PEPSI PERFECT. ;-)