8:49 PM, Tuesday, December 15th, 2015:
There was a moment today as my father is in town visiting that will surely seem "passing" to him, but it will always be precious to me.
My father and I took Cameron to the grocery store to pick up some ingredients to make Goerge's Coney Island sauce. Something I hadn't tasted in over 20 years and something a few years back my father converted from a 40 quart recipe to 1 or 2 quarts. After he quit that restaurant business, he held the secret recipe on note cards but it was just so massive there was no way to attempt it. And it's not as easy to pull it off in small quantities as you'd think for the seasonings. Back to the grocery store...
So Cameron was getting a bit antsy and I decided it would be fun to be an awful parent and buy a box of ho-hos, open it immediately while still shopping, and let Cameron experience his first. Of course my dad had to have one and the three of us stood there feeling like naughty children in the aisle. My father, my son... it was just one of those moments you don't get when you live 2000+ miles away from your parents. Those little things that happen all the time when you spend more time with each other rarely have time to happen when you visit once a year... because you plan activities that avoid the normal errands of life. It just happened to work out that Talya was taking Vienna to school and we were watching Cam and had to grab some stuff.

As well, Cameron's personality has just exploded in the last couple of weeks. He now knows he's funny and loves to show it. Don came over for a couple coneys tonight and Cam had the whole room doubled over in laughter as he played "pie in the face" by himself just to eat whipped cream off of his own forehead. LMAO. He jumps to his putter the moment someone comes over to show just how good he is, he tries to make Vienna laugh at every turn... it's infectuous. Obviously as we're 10 days from his 2nd birthday he's talking a ton more, full sentences and just really, really outgoing and affable. Vienna is also coming into her own more (very, very serious child up until now) and they're playing more... basically we're coming out of the woods. Still a tentative situation sleeping in the same room, but we're hanging in there.
All of that adds to the wonderment of this tiny moment in the grocery store where we shared a ho-ho and smiled at the audacity of it all. Cameron held that little fucker like it was GOLD. He's never tasted anything even remotely like that, and yes, I'm afraid the next time he goes to the grocery it will be a nightmare because he will remember, oh jesus he will remember. But thankfully, Amazon delivers most of our food and Costco fills in the rest.
My father's visit was too short, as always, but so it is while he's still working. He'll retire soon enough and hopefully longer visits will be the norm. The entry title of "Borrowed Time" is more of a nod to passing John Lennon's age in the last entry and still kind of feeling that... I see my parents a handful of days a year. It's hard. You can't fight the feeling that these are borrowed moments that will be part of your past sooner rather than later. Neither parent has an awful illness or anything, but time moves so quickly when you're this far apart and you just know the moments are precious. It's bittersweet. But, it is. Borrowed Time.

So did I do it? Was I actually able to write this entry without saying STAR WARS every other sentence? Awesome. Because holy FUCK STAR WARS. I leave the house tomorrow at 5:45 am and I just found out that I'm getting my own fucking 200 seat theater, by myself, with the movie to start when I arrive (roughly noon PST). Wheeeew. I made it. Entry #1594 will be about the experience and my absolutely spoiler riddled review. I will warn everyone, but I'm certainly going to talk about that fucker that I've been waiting for with baited breath since the announcement 3 years ago.
Nice little compilation video of the couple days with pop...
...and to all a goodnight.