10:11 AM, Monday, November 30th, 2015:
I could get used to this once every two weeks thing. I feel like I'm so behind, but the truth is? I had such a crazy month in October, I can do 5 entries this month and still hit my 100 per year. 8 entries next month and voila, we've made it through 2015. Survived. Whew.
Yes, it has felt like that. I need these last 6 weeks just to process the previous 46. So to the weekend that was: 
I seem to do an entry about this weekend every year, and it's hard for it not to be repetitive... although, I guess that's the joy of it all. I just ended up making a video leaving shit out - so that's unique. Heh. Thanksgiving was alright, we were able to sit at BarKon for the most part which is just awesome. Actually, I guess that's the theme of everything: the outdoor space is so nice now, it's like we put an extension on the house. Watching Ohio State/Xichigan there was great. Just spending time at that bar this weekend was nice. That fall chill is in the air and it's simply my favorite time of year. Bar none.
Getting the tree finally meant something to Vienna which was nice. She was bummed there was no snow on the ground when we got there. So cute. We're going to do our best to drive to some snow this winter - she's infatuated with it. She lays in our fake plastic grass out front making snow angels. Thankfully, we're only an hour or so from snow - so it's a distinct possibility we'll pull it off. Driving over an hour is still pushing it with kids this young. The difference between 60 and 90 minutes is an extreme difference. Unsure what the stops could be in the mountains...
And honestly, that's life right now. We all had a 24 hour stomach bug that was kinda awful, I could barely move yesterday... but, yeah. This sounds like a really bad Christmas card you send to someone. It's funny, I want to document what's special to me on this site, but often? The video says it all. And often? I'm just exhausted and my brain can't create more words. Can't create more frames. Can't create more videos... 100 Journey videos and nearly 100 RentTheDelorean videos for the year... it just knocks you on your ass.
However we're a couple weeks from the Star Wars short film so I guess now is as good a time as any to announce that: I'm flying to Houston to shoot a short-film about Andrew and his movie theater. He has the film a couple days early and I wanted to document the process he goes through to quality control the movie, how he doesnt watch it 100 times the moment it goes live... just an interesting process and of course, I get to see the movie early which is exciting as hell... but I really do feel I can make an extremely compelling little 5 minute video. It's inspiring to me to tell stories, and I'm excited to have one that I don't believe has been told. Such a secretive process. Can't wait.
Hello December!