Per request, video was uploaded on 12.07.15
9:03 PM, Monday, November 16th, 2015:
Bublé. Grrr.
I'll bite my tongue and share this video... then probably have to bite my tongue again...
So quite an awesome gig and one that Joe Walser threw my way. Joe headed up the Time Machine Restoration and we recently met at the Back in Time screening. He was impressed with how well I treated the business side of things and just randomly texted me about this last second gig. Very cool of him. Remarkably, only twice this entire year have I gotten a gig that way... it's all been the other way around - so I certainly appreciate it.
So do I tell the whole Bublé story or wait? Man, no one reads the actual page so why not:
When I was a teenager I was a massive Harry Connick Jr. fan. Still am. I could also sing and right music and I got really good at doing a poor man's Harry. So much so that I considered trying to make it a career. Not just singer/songwriter - but crooner. Then Harry reeased a funk/pop album, She, that made me realize even he wanted to branch out and I felt it would be limiting to me too - but I could do it. Then again, Harry was still doing that and had the market cornered for that Sinatra crowd. I had nothing new to add. I moved on.
Along comes Bublé. Doing basically the same thing... except not actually playing piano or arranging an orchestra... just crooning - and he was KILLING it. And I'm like "MotherFUCKER, how is this still working? Why do people like him instead of Connick?" Truthfully, I was jealous. Had I really applied myself - why the hell not? I will give Bublé this: he has a unique phrasing that would always have won out. Connick has it too. His N'Orleans drawl does it. I'm a great mimic, but my singing can be uninspired in my opinion because it's simply too smooth. I'm without a "Style" because I just keep trying to do everything. Story of my life. But the point is: Bublé is NOT the reason I'm not a singing sensation right now, I just like to grit my teeth and say that. Much like Jerry says " NEWMAN." I often say "Bublé!"
We move to 2006 and my friend Gary has a band he's managing that needs a place to practice and I let them use my guesthouse space. "On The Surface" was their name, beautiful lead singer, Heather Fogarty. I played it cool as I was in and out of my own relationships around the time, but when there was some daylight in that arena I asked Gary... so, that girl, Heather? Is she seeing anyone?
"Yeah, she's seening Michael Bublé, they're pretty serious."
Of fucking course he is. Bastard.
Joe says - hey I have a gig on the Universal Backlot for the time machine, you want it? Of course! Such a privilege to get to bring my car to Hill Valley. What's the shoot? (I think you can see where this is going)
But as I admit in the video, it's totally pure envy. And light-hearted at that. I would NOT be happy just singing and would eventually implode my own career (much in the way Connick does from time to time) to act or write or do other shit. I never could've been BUBLÈ! but when I got the chance, I walked up to him and said "Heather Fogarty". He looked me dead in the eye: "Adam, did we sleep with the same woman."
(laughing ensues)
"Oh no... you cock blocked the hell out of me."
"I COCK BLOCKED YOU!?!? I'm so sorry Adam." <Hug, laughing>
It was a bizarre moment. When Hats & Minigolf is up and going, I will get him on that show for sure. He's a good natured guy and I think he'd have a blast on the show.
Alright, good gig! Good GOD I'm pretty much done for the YEAR now! Thanksgiving! Buckeyes! Mom visiting, dad visiting, STAR WARS!!!!
Good way to end the year.