11:13 AM, Thursday, November 5th, 2015:
Damn that was fun. And damn I'm gonna miss these little adventures Don and I find ourselves on. Everyone can hope all they want that 2015 is gonna bleed into the rest of the decade but I can almost guarangoddamntee it won't. 2015 will be a standalone year and this is probably the last time Don and I will be at a Back to the Future event together. Here's hoping I'm wrong. But it was a fun night...
There is so much left out of that video. LOL.
So sadly what was once a full-fledged 13 city, 15 stop tour for the documentary and band is now completely cancelled and last night was most likely the only stop that will have the movie/band/car all at once. The logistics for actually funding a tour this ambitious (the band and a time machine at every theater) proved to be too much and part of that has to do with signing a deal with Netflix: you assure millions upon millions of people will see your film (certainly great for those IN it), but you also cannibalize your sales and most certainly a tour. However, knowing that didn't lessen the fun we all had (well, most of us) hanging out and enjoying the spectacle of it all.
I also have to take another minute to thank Jay and crew that I've become pretty close to in the past couple of months. I've been trying to help supply the Time Machines for the whole tour (a nice plus to come from a year of building the RentTheDelorean network) and in our back and forths Jay and I have found ourselves in hour long conversations about everything under the sun. Been able to help out with some technical issues with the Back in Time doc as well as just shooting the shit about everything. There's mutual respect and that goes a long way. What these guys accomplished with this documentary is pretty spectacular considering its beginnings as a Kickstarter campaign with ZERO people from the film attached. Before you knew it, they had Fox, Lloyd, Zemeckis... and then SPIELBERG? WHAAAAAT? Remarkable. The nice thing is I followed the project long before I even had a time machine and now I feel like part of the family. When Don was signing the Blu-Ray he said "shit you're in it more than I am, you sign it." LOL. And, well, for this movie he's right. It's an honor and it's something that will help me TREMENDOUSLY in the future with my Hats & Minigolf pitches. What a great way to transition from 2015 to 2016.
The night was as fun as it looked and COLD! Damn! Finally some fall weather up in here! Oh man, so glad October is over, so glad this movie is out, so glad I'm about a week away from being OFF the rest of the year for all intents and purposes.