8:24 PM, Saturday, October 31st, 2015:
And so it was, the first Kontras Trick or Treat. We could've done it last year, but I had a Delorean gig right in the middle. Bummer. This year, remarkably, I only had one tonight from 10pm-1am. So - YAY! And actually why didn't we go in 2013 with Vienna? Oh we didn't have someone to watch the house. That's the real issue honestly. Guarding the fort.
Of course just 2 days ago we got our pumpkins and had to carve them at light speed because I was too busy to see straight. Here's the result of those...
Figured I'd make one happy kid and one sad kid since they never seem to be on the same page with their emotions. Guess which one Cameron is.
But yeah, these were done at lightening speed as I had to race to a gig. Though there's no excuse for Talya's. LMAO. We need some legit carving tools. I wanna do all the fun shading shit people do, but the kids need to get a little older. And of course, there's video as this is the first and longest running video blog ya know...
They were pretty overwhelmed to say the least. LMAO. Cam was pretty cute though - he thinks sharks growl so at a couple houses he growled at the people giving him candy. HAAAAAAAA. Overall it was kind of a bummer because MASSIVE blocks of our neighborhood didn't do anything. So there's not a whole lot of trick or treating available. We may have to set-up a game plan in a richie neighborhood one of these years. No wonder I always get 200-300 trick or treaters at my house the past 15 years, I'm one of the only ones who does it. Bastards.
So this is the last entry of the month and I only have ONE MORE FREAKING EVENT! AHHHHH. Shit has been crazy. So exhausted.