Video Uploaded 12/03/15
8:13 AM, Thursday, October 29th, 2015:
May there never be another month like October, or if there is? May I have a team of people helping me produce all this content. As of this writing, not only is the video not done - the stats haven't even been recorded. They are still a pile of paper. My goal to finish this is honest to goodness: Thanksgiving. But for documenting purposes, I have to make this placeholder entry in October. So if you look below and you DON'T see a thumbnail of a completed video? Please skip reading the bottom of this entry. No need to spoil it now.
However if you're reading after Thanksgiving? AWESOME. Here's a very unique GolfKon video:
Adding some black space for spoilers...
Whew. Michael's meltdowns are pretty legendary, but that one was kinda ridiculous. And FREDDY WITH THAT BANK SHOT IN THE OPENING ROUND. JESUS. And to go from a bogey to an Eagle... just, what an incredible finals. Well played, sir. Freddy is a 2 time champ...
Anyway, personally, as I mention in the video, I was barely alive. I don't remember much to be perfectly honest. My goal was to get it completed. Totally annoyed at my 6 on plinko though, because I hit 2 perfect shots that just kinda bounced wrong. Has never happened in the 1000 games I've played. Thankfully? Even had I gotten the normal 2 on that hole, Fred still would've won. Makes me feel better. Without Matt playing, Fred and I are the two best players so it was right that he went onto win in my book. Matt was out of town and once he shored up the Points Championship he was fine to miss the last tournament. Believe it or not? That actually played into his decision on his vacation. We are very serious about this. :-)
Also very cool is that gave some other people the chance to qualify and we now have 3 more players on the "tour" so to speak who get their own pages on GolfKon.com, etc. Congrats to them.
The other reflection has to be that this was such a bizarre travel day for me and Don. He of course got to FLY back and forth to our earlier event, with me having to DRIVE AND SLEEP IN THE PARKING LOT OVERNIGHT to get there on time. LOL. But once we got to GolfKon, we were so burnt out. Sometimes it's just too much. He was supposed to get a "key to the city" at Puente Hills Mall as this was the last day of the "We're Going Back" events and every time he was about to leave, he just said fuck it, sipped some more whiskey and played some more holes. It was also a smaller affair at GolfKon than usual simply because there was no real marketing on my end as this month was insane for me. That was nice. And I have to give props to Coy and Savannah for the best costumes:
Cool story? 6 months ago these two rented the Delorean for their wedding in November, so I invited them to the last 3 GolfKon events just to hang out. Now they're friends. That's the part of the job I really do like. I feel honored to be part of people's lives like that and you just want to keep in contact. Good times.
Alright, the GolfKon season is over. Now I have to prepare for another 3 day stretch (and another overnight in a parking lot or maybe at Jimmy's pad in Anaheim) that's gonna kick my ass. It's almost November.
PS - my favorite pic from the night:
I think I'm gonna make a permanent spot on the course where people can stand behind that poster and get a pic. Too classic. The posters were actually at the event we were at earlier in the day and I just cut the center picture out. Don's a good sport. ;-)