4:54 PM, Sunday, October 27th, 2015:
Goodness man, you just can't let it go can you. This has been over forever. You call and text repeatedly, send me selfies when you're in town, I ignore all of them. You write about my successes like your own, I let it slide. You bad mouth my company on social media to your 73,000 followers and now, as a business, I have no choice but to respond. And now of course, I have to tell the WHOLE freaking story just for public record so when you choose to continue to harass me there's a timeline of what lead me to this "final straw".
So I got the text I always gets when Bob is in town. He's at Bob's Big Boy, he wants to "extand an olive branch" although he's the only one harassing people. He's done this often. I ignore all of it. One time he called on an unlisted number and tricked me into picking up. I started recording immediately, I told him I was recording, and he did this:
For fuck's sake Bob. Earlier this year when I paid off his mod and never had to think about him again, I made it public (and happy to do it again as he continues to harass me). Then he emailed me angry, demanding I take it down. Really Bob? The phonecall where I said "I'm taping this." and he said "Well record this:" and proceeded to threaten me? Ya jackass. STOP. CONTACTING ME. I told him again:  stop contacting me, stop referencing me publicly, stop talking about me publicly. I will never speak about you again. Why the fuck would I want to talk about my contractor that fucked me over last year? Clearly my business made it in spite of his shoddy work (that I fixed) so I've moved on.
He hasn't. So again, he texts me to "extend an olive branch" last week and I ignore him for the umpteenth time.
On 10/21 I notice in a Facebook pic he's on a shuttle next to one of my RentTheDelorean clients when it occurs to me: "Oh shit, he never did book those gigs and he's at the 5-day fan event here in town".
For a further explanation, one I never made public because - I DONT WANT TO TALK ABOUT BOB - several of my clients this week had also contacted Bob and nearly pissed themselves laughing at what he was charging. He was adding a celebrity fee to his Delorean Time Machine rental and the celebrity was? Him. The guy that was on reality TV for 4 weeks in 2014 and can't be found anymore. According to one client, for a DC gig he was charging upwards of $40k. <blink> One of the drivers that has worked for RentTheDelorean.com got the gig and we had a good chuckle over it. Bob was pricing himself out of the most lucrative week in Back to the Future history and now? He's towing his car from Dallas to LA for a non-paying fan event for the entire week.
I mean if I wasn't working? I'd go to some of the days. Sure. I was asked about 6 months back by one of the promoters and I just said I had no way of comitting to it considering how busy things were beginning to be. It has ended up being a $30,000 week so obviously, I'm not doing the fan stuff...
...except I was however able to check out the Back in Time premiere on Day 2 of the fan event because it was in the morning. I saw Bob's back long enough to walk the OTHER way. He was cut-out of Back in Time because people PULLED funding when he announced they were interviewing him in 2013, so he avoided the two screenings of the movie at the event. Strangely, his wife was volunteering at the theater checking tickets, handing out popcorn and collectible newspapers which was kind of uncomfortable. I actually really liked talking with her in Dallas but clearly that's all over. She moved something out of the way so Talya could walk by and I said "Thank You", and well... that was it.
As you've seen on this site and the RentTheDelorean site - the week was beyond busy. To the point of sleeping overnight at the military base just to make the next all-day gig. Just a crazy whirlwind, but it was a $30k week for our company capping what will be a $43k month for our company. I mean - success upon success beyond my wildest dreams. So much so, the FastCompany.com story comes out on 10/21 (read this when you get a chance, it's incredible)
Wow. So imagine my surprise when Don tells me that Bob came up to him at the event on 10/24 talking a WORLD of shit. "I hear your boy Adam is making a lot of money. Paid off his car in under a year". He apparently continued to bug the shit out of a non-responsive Don while Don was signing autographs as if my business was some horrible thing I was doing to the fans (while Don is selling autographs, uhm).
Huh? I mean surely Bob has made more than me, he's a builder! He makes $40k a pop for a car! Online I think he said he had done 7 since me!? So what exactly is the issue? I kept asking Don what exactly he was angry about, and Don was like "Dude, I have no idea, it made no sense, I'll see you at the base tomorrow."
...which, beyond the fact that Don and I get along and are friends - I also make him money. Only a couple thousand this year, but I've tried my damndest and never take a cut simply out of respect and friendship. So what exactly is Bob yelling at him for?
But I still let it go. Ignore the texts, avoid him at the screening, try and put the fact that he would say all this shit to a cast member about me (clearly not realizing we're friends - strange) out of my mind and focus on getting to all my events.
I do.
I have a great event the next day with Don, we hang out at GolfKon all night after (even though he was supposed to be in Puente Hills for the last event of the week, he was just too damn tired and having fun golfing) and I made it to Monday. WHEW. When I'm linked to this:
You know what my first reaction to this was? Smart. Honest to fuuuuuck that was the first thing I thought. He's a business, he had to make the best possible move in the face of not having a single gig this week (for reference, we had 22 - it was a ridiculous week), and this was the right move. Kinda shitty and unprofessional of him to call it a "money grab", and also strange to slam the very people you've built cars for, but the right business move here is absolutely to go for community. If you can't make money this week, you can load up on marketing, community and fan-base support.
I still let it go. Wasn't going to say a word.
And then, after a freaking year of ignoring him he hooks me as he CONTINUES in the comments:
At which point other time machine owners who have worked for RentTheDelorean.com got angry and began talking to me. "What, I'M SOMEHOW less of a FAN because I decided to work this week?" Of course they didn't know that Bob simply lost out on gigs (ironically the owner who was upset ended up getting one of Bob's lost gigs THROUGH RentTheDelorean.com - LMAO), so I explained that. I also explained that of course we were invited to "We're Going Back" by Ken 6 months ago (everyone with a car was - they wanted every time machine possible there), but it was just too lucrative a week to commit. However, that was still a personal thing and I wasn't going to respond to that...
...but what wasn't personal is that we're now in different territory than we were a year ago. This is my business and we've worked with over a dozen different owners/vendors this year. I care about those who have worked for me and Bob has 73,000 people/potential clients on his social media page. Ignoring that is actually bad business. I felt the need to respond as professionally as possible. So, I responded with my business account:
Everyone assumed there'd be this giant flame war and I kept saying to them - what's the counter? He knows it's true. All he can do is erase it. Maybe he didn't think about those clients calling us (because he thinks he's the center of the universe), but he knows he lost those gigs and he knows it was a questionable move to slam "all time machine owners" when he was mad at me - because he built several of those time machines! If he was trying to goad me into a war, it wasn't going to happen, but I needed to respond for however long it would stay up.
Remarkably? Like 4 or 5 hours. Maybe he was traveling? Who knows. But I was pretty stunned at how long it was up... at which point my business page was blocked (smart move), but he still kept his original posts up (not a smart move). Never contacted me, never replied. And that's where this will end as long as he leaves me and my business alone.
So why after all this time is this still an issue for him? I get this feeling he wants to be needed by the people who he builds cars for and when they don't need him (for parts/help/gigs) he acts like this. I even remember in Dallas last year him telling me I'd be calling him for extra stuff on my car forever and I looked at him like he was high. I wasn't paying another dime (other than to personally fix his fuck-ups) and I'll be DAMNED if I'm going back to the guy who had already put me through hell during the mod process. The truth is, I could've built that car - I just didn't have the time. I had a business model and needed the car immediately. Of course now I'm doing well and have been ignoring him for over a year although he won't, stop, fucking, contacting me. Bob, there are no ammends to make. Ammends imply there's a semblance of a bridge left. You burned that fucker down in June last year when you threatened me, scared my family and continued to harass me all summer. This can be the absolute last thing I ever write about you as long as you STOP FUCKING CONTACTING ME. Stop going up to my friends and starting shit with THEM about me. Stop writing about me on your social media accounts. And of course, if you continue to bully me I'll continue to defend myself. It's pretty simple. It always has been. I wrote this over 120 entries ago in July of last year:
"Leave all of this in the past and move the fuck on. August is a new month, 2015 is a new year - look ahead. You and I both have better things to focus on."
And still. Still this shit happens. So again dude, drop it. RentTheDelorean.com ended up being successful. Yes, we piked up some gigs you lost because you charged too much. It's not personal, it's business. You were my freaking contractor. Does a restaurant have contact with their DRYWALL guy after the restaurant opens? NO. Go away. Stop contacting me. You have a world of opportunities in front of you and so do I.
And for the love of fuck dude, stop giving people more reasons to hate you. Don was fucking floored. I mean, do you know how hard it is to make GOLDIE WILSON freaked out? I have never told him shit about the details of our personal stuff and you go up to him while he's signing autographs like you own the place and start talking shit about his friends? JESUS man, Goldie? GOLDIE?
HAHAHAHA. I just can't believe it. Of all the people to act like that to. Whew.
Until the next time you start shit,
PS - Jesus I haven't even started the GolfKon stats let alone the video. Place holder entry tomorrow.