10:58 AM, Monday, October 26th, 2015:
How I'm not sick as a dog right now is beyond me. No sleep, eating whatever I can find in front of me, legs chaffing, body sore, just an absolute mess. A 24 hour period that could only happen in October 2015. And one I may be repeating again in a few days. Jesus.
There wasn't enough time to figure out the problems with the car so I rented a car hauler for the weekend and was able to get to my wedding on Saturday. Realize that throughout all of this? I'm just answering emails, phone calls and texts about current, future and even present gigs. Saturday was insane. We were triple-booked in LA, one of my drivers was non-responsive all week with the person that replaced him having car trouble so literally while at a gas station on my way to the wedding I'm cancelling a gig while inserting another owner (the 4th car for this gig) all while trying to keep the client calm because he had worked 5 months on this party. Poor bastard. I totally empathize with that position and I treat it like it's my own. This is the part of the job that is the hardest, trying to manage everything that you have zero control over. I will damn near PUSH my car to a gig if it breaks down because it means that much to these people, other owners will not. I don't want to say that's why I'm more successful, but I know that "the show must go on" is BURNED INTO my brain. Even if that show is a house party in Glendale, it might as well be a broadway premiere. Anyway, I arrived at the wedding, got it parked... and had a drink immediately. That's the nice thing about these gigs. Sure, I can't really party or have fun, but if it's a 5 or 6 hour event? I can absolutely have a drink or 2 at the beginning and try to calm down a bit...
...and then JJ FUCKING ABRAMS bumps into me and I act like a little bitch who just saw Queen Elsa. Holy fuck. I guess now is a good time to introduce the video of the 24 hour whirlwind...
My goodness, man. I have no idea how I'm keeping up with all of this. And the truth is, I'm not. That video isn't done as I'm typing this. Well, the RentTheDelorean videos are done, but putting it together for "The Journey" is not. That's the thing, for some goddamn reason I feel like it's lazy to make one video for both sites. Why? BECAUSE I'M GODDAMNED INSANE. But I keep telling myself, it will mean something... if only my children. And strangely? I think I will have a grandson (WTVN listeners, Lester & Johnny) who will only know me as an ollllllllld man. His recollection of me will be 70. HE will happen upon this absolute monster mess of stories and videos and grab hold of it. I say all of this for yet another reason...
...this site is hidden and I am actually enjoying that. Now that I'm getting adept at SEO, I actually know the steps I could take to make this video blog get pretty popular. It would take some doing, but, I almost don't want people to read it. It's for me. It always has been of course, but I'm to the age now where I don't need that "therapy" of constant vulnerability and honesty because I just don't give a fuck anymore. I know who I am, I don't need to convince anyone. Then again after what VideoBob wrote I do like being able to have this forum to layout exactly what the truth is. Not my side, but the actual fucking things that happened. That deserves it's own entry tomorrow... and wait, where the hell was I?!?!
The wedding, JJ Abrams... I was a little bitch man. I was professional, but inside... this is the guy responsible for saving my freaking childhood. THAT is how it felt. It was this moment I realized I was a bigger Star Wars fan than Back to the Future. Just this year alone watching trailers for crying out loud has meant more to me than all the prequels combined. I wanted to make sure he didn't leave without a picture in front of or IN the time machine, but I made a wrong turn at Albuquerque, he got in front of me and alas, it didn't happen. DAMNIT.
The dude talking to the camera with me is Richie Mac, a friend of Don's who recognized me from something we did together and we sent that video to Don who was at the Enchantment Under The Sea dance that night. Cool cat, fun gig and then? Dead tired I drive to Los Alamitos military base and slept in the back of the SUV. Fuck that hurt. I thought I brought enough blankets for cushioning but, alas, my left shoulder is killing me because the SUV is unforgiving. I may have slept 3 hours when it was time to get moving at around 7am. Did the whore bath thang in a restroom, set-up, then sat in my car waiting for Don to arrive. He did, in the pimpest fashion possible, and we had a blast checking out everything on the base. Don's an old military man so the USS Midway was incredible for him as was Sunday. Of course his ass got to FLY home and as I'm getting ON THE FREEWAY he calls me: "I'm having a COLD BEER at my hangar, I'm already home." I actually answered the phone:  "Don't say it motherfucker, I know you're already back and I have an hour in traffic if I'm lucky" DICK.
Then of course? GolfKon. I pull up at 4:15 and the event started at 4:00pm. I'm getting everything parked and situated (parking that car hauler in my neighborhood on a Sunday is insane) and somehow I pull the time machine into place. I put on the Marty outfit because even though I'm pretty burnt out? I will pay homage to McFly in 2015. I barely made it through the night and then collapsed. I have a LITTLE bit of time and then Thursday/Friday/Saturday are insane. If a certain gig comes through I will once AGAIN be sleeping in a parking lot overnight. FACKIN SHIT.
However, this month only happens once. Survival is the key. And I am well-known for survivin' some crazy shit.