7:44 AM, Wednesday, October 21st, 2015:
This is a placeholder. It's 7:45am and I wanted to at least start this entry on the actual day. I can guarantee you it will take at least a week to finish what will be a MASSIVE video, plus all the individual videos for the site and then this weekend and then GolfKon and then and then and then and then.
So here's to an awesome day and for those of you reading this? Here's the video of the whole thing:
WHEW. Crazy thing? That's pretty much half the story.
The thing I will remember the most from this day, and something I tried to express at the end of the night but was far too exhausted and a little drunk to do was the sheer amount of things I was involved in that were released today, did well today and... holy shit. It was constant. Every few minutes of down time we're seeing something else.
At the first wedding event I was on the phone with Jay Aron talking about some issues with the Netflix release as he kind of lost his mind. But it was released at midnight pacific time, just sans overlays and credits. Doh. It'll be worked out. So obviously, the biggest release was "Back in Time" in terms of what it means for my "Journey". Not even close. That's why I devoted an entire entry to my "holy fuck" reaction to it.
The 2nd most ridiculous thing was clearly the FastCompany.com story that I had completely forgotten about but sitting at the 2nd event it was emailed to me and my jaw dropped. I could barely process it...
Take a second and read that. It's long, but that makes it all the more incredible. I immediately emailed the author: "Jesus man, it's a good thing I pay my taxes." LMAO. And yes, although I haven't mentioned it on this site, we are well over $100k as a company and will most likely end up around $125k for the year. Wow. This has just been extraordinary.
Hidden in that article? The announcement about Positron/Virtual reality thingee for next year. Once we've done some work we'll make a more legit announcement...
Then? Boom, the German NPR story hits. I actually spent my freaking bandwidth to listen to the piece even though I wasn't going to be able to understand much when I realized - oh, this fucker used me for a free picture for his story on the site, the interview was a complete rouse - it had nothing to do with our company. He spent alllllllllllll that time asking all these questions and the story was just about Back to the Future predicting the future on 10.21.15. I mean the truth is? He probably had to be slimy to get that picture, but they contacted me so early? Had he explained what he was doing? There were several events he could've come to and not wasted my time. UGGGGGGGGGGGGGH. And, just tell me that you couldn't fit my portion in! Even though it's a 2:30 piece and I would've known you were full of shit, you were never doing a story about Back to the Future for 2:30 and then talking about a random rental car business. Don't link me the story and say "here's our radio piece!" like I'm not gonna figure it out. DIIIIIICK. Wasted my damn bandwidth on thaaaaaaaaat.
What I was HAPPY to waste my bandwidth on? DON ON CNN. That was badass. Jimmy and I loved that shit.
Then? POW: Adam Rose's show "That's a First" posts their episode where he drives our Delorean.
Forgot about it completely as we did it months ago. Turned out great. Adam's a great dude.
Did this last week and this could honestly outperform everything else - they have 3 MILLION subscribers. Their videos instantly get 300,000 views and work their way up over a million very quickly. Incredible rental.
And while we're zooming past Marty's house for the greatest rental EVER at 4:29, the people at the "We're Going Back" 5-Day event are at Universal Studios watching a tribute film that features my delorean. Easily the best footage of my baby that has ever been shot.
And of course, my car does break down. The good news is - I can at least get it onto the car hauler for this weekend at which point on Monday I will drop it back off at the mechanic for further testing. All they've found now is a coolant leak which they fixed, but it was certainly more severe than that.
I surprised some kids with the car at GolfKon, didn't video that - and I combined the final 2 parties of the night into one massive GolfKon party for FREEEEEEEEEE as a show of appreciation. I made enough, the car was in trouble and it was a wonderful way to end the day.
So there you have it: the future day that was. It was crazier than I thought and I'm so glad it's over. Now, I get ready to sleep in a freaking parking lot on a military base just to make a morning gig. Jesus let me get to November. Whew.