4:49 PM, Monday, October 19th, 2015:
And here we are for the 6th time. It's becoming a blur...
Yes, 5 years ago at this very Starbucks I met Talya and last year was the first time we had nothing to announce (engagement, babies, etc). Which makes this time the continuation of a tradition that will be somewhat similar now...
They didn't have the goddamned coffee though. What is that? We've bought it every time we've come back and saved the wrapper for a scrapbook and they just... didn't have it today. And to be honest? I'm not sure I'm going to have the time to track one down this week because OH I DONT KNOW IT'S THE BUSIEST WEEK OF MY LIFE?
(sigh) I'll admit it was kind of an annoying tradition as we didn't really know what to do with all of 'em. Virtual videos are more fun to collect.
The kids are also finally: kids. I know, don't wish away ANY time period and for the most part I do agree - but the fact that they can legitimately play with each other absolutely changes the dynamic in the house. Granted, it's for 30 seconds before a punch and a cry, but it's movement. It's progress. Mama & Dada need a break after 3 years of this and we've still never spent one night away from them both (don't get me started), but the fact that they don't need us CONSTANTLY is helpful. And as always, Talya gets the brunt of the neediness as this year has been so complicated with the business, but that ebb and flow is nearing an end and there should be some semblance of normalcy again...
...of course this IS normal for most people. That's the part that is difficult to process. I absolutely don't work any more than most fathers and am home far more. But considering how much free-time we had the first couple of years? It seems insane. And when work does die down? That's not really normal. That's a fairy-tale to most people. As is chilling at Starbucks mid-day just because (although I did have a gig I had to get to right after). This is a crazy time and an absolute whirlwind - but we're surviving.
As much as I love 2015, I'm ready for the shift in focus. It's just around the corner.