1:08 AM, Sunday, October 18th, 2015:
I know I should be sleeping right now, but holy shit what I just saw blew my mind.
So the director gave me a copy of "Back in Time", the documentary I was interviewed for earlier this year and lo and behold, not only was my 3 minute story the first fan story of the film, they just randomly put me in two other times as a talking head to talk about the movie. Once talking about how masterful I thought Back to the Future 2 was to go back into the first film and then answering the final question of where you would go if you had a time machine.
I mean, I'm suddenly just part of Back to the Future lore. This is the definitive documentary on and about the film and, uhm, wow. And I look good! And GolfKon looks good! And I just... what the shit! I saw the first talking head part with Talya and I proceeded to run and jump around our backyard because I could barely stand it. Chills, that 4tvs excitement I had in 1998. The CBS stuff, the Comedy Store... that same shiver. I'm back in... HA - Back in time. "I'm Back in Time" makes for a good entry title. This movie makes pitching Hats & Minigolf soooooooooo much easier, presumably because many I will be pitching to will have seen this film as it'll be on Netflix! I mean... wow! How fortunate is that? The credibility to GolfKon (and the fact that they SHOW Hats & Minigolf in the film) is priceless. Just stunned...
...then everyone went to sleep (Jimmy is staying over) and I skipped around again and found me a 3rd time at the end... holy fuck. And it's TOTALLY a me line - "I'm an "in the moment guy" but if I had to choose of course we go to the future... past when we're gonna die to see how we all kill ourselves..."
Just stunned. I keep writing that, but I was NOT expecting this. And I cannot get over how good the lenses were, and the equipment and just... jesus man. This really cements 2015 in stone as a monumentally good idea. Forget the small (shit, not remotely small) fortune we're making... but that whole REAL reason I wanted the Time Machine? To make that OTHER career happen? You know the one I acted like I didn't care about in the LAST ENTRY? Yeah, this kinda cements the direction for next year. Wow.
Also, I should explain, it wasn't that I didn't WANT a career, I'm just done writing about it. Scheming about it. Being forlorn if things aren't working, yadda yadda - I will always be drawn to those talents because they aren't going anywhere - but gone are the days of lamenting that shit. It is what it is as they say. But goddamn am I well positioned to make Hats & Minigolf a reality. Just need a few seconds of rest!
Now, I can't actually show any of my footage from the movie but I can show the clips from their little behind the scenes featurette on the blu-ray.
AHHHHHH. Wait'll you guys see it. AHHHHHH.
Of course I'm going to do the exact opposite of what I said I would in the last entry - LMAO. Wax poetic about the path that got me here:
SO MANY PEOPLE THOUGHT I WAS NUTS. Even moreso than usual for me. The golf course, certainly the Time Machine... and suddenly all of this is happening and - this absolutely feels like a CBS moment. Well, this is the early CBS moment that leads to the big one, etc. The Up & Adam time... the magic of early 2007. Back in time. Wow how perfect that's exactly what it feels like. Seeing everything align perfectly in my career for the first time since 2009. I know we had that blip in July, and that could still work out, but I'm now securing my future to the point that I shouldn't have to be beholden to the distrubutor as it's clear this has legs.
So much credibility without me having to talk it up. You know, the part I FUCKING CAN'T DO. It's being done for me. And honestly - this can't be taken away from me! So even if Hats & Minigolf never happens... this is in stone. This just is. Done. Wow. I'm rambling like I used to back in the day.
Ok, I have to sleep. Craziest week of all-time coming up. Whew.