9:00 PM, Thursday, October 8th, 2015:
What a wonderful way to create a partnership...
So I just completed the 2-day Tesla Virtual Reality shoot with a company named Positron. It went a little something like this:
We had a great time, knocked out a bunch of shots, got kicked out by police, had a blast with noisemakers after the first night and on my way home I thought of something Jeffrey (founder of Positron) mentioned in a rather vague way, but that sat with me: somehow using a VR headset with the time machine for certain events. As I fell asleep last night I kinda kept trying to envision it and something hit me: VR is rarely tactile. Sure you might be holding a controller or something that matches what you're seeing, but what if every single thing that was physically around you, was also virtually around you, with a twist. So imagine getting into the Delorean Time Machine and getting accustomed to the suroundings... then putting a VR headset on and seeing the exact same identical thing... and you can grab the steering wheel, hit the buttons within both worlds - but then the Delorean lifts up and flies away. Sure, you won't necessarily feel it the same, but imagine if we're driving around the block? A passenger has it on and you can subtlely fuck with them because they're getting the right signals physically and perceptually.
Now imagine, it's just free. This is just part of every rental. No extra charge - we literally give it away. Why? Because we can. And it's awesome. And it advertises what Positron does and is intriguing in and of itself. Hell we could even remake the old Universal ride as long as we're not charging people to ride it, you know? Everything's possible. I could make a demonstration just for GolfKon so it rises out of the little showcase on the hole and just takes off into the sky... so many cool applications and something that gives 2016 a fresh concept once the insanity of Future Day has passed. This IS the future. And it's really exciting...
...of course for now, I just have to survive this month. The amount of gigs and money this month is so staggering it's actually embarassing.. and it's only 10/8. If that car stays together until November 1st, I honestly will barely care if it falls off a cliff. I mean, of course I would care, but the money on the line THIS MONTH? Is so staggering the stress level is off the charts. That's what I keep trying to explain to people. It's not the money it would cost to fix the car, or future lost gigs - it's the money I have already taken from ALLLLL of these gigs that I now have to actually make it to. So you get it there and you EXHALE as a nother couple thousand is safe. Then you have to get it home and start it again. And every time I start this car it feels like it will never start. It's exhausting. So when November hits? Although I still have quite a few gigs lined up? I will be sleeping much more soundly than I am now.
And my 40th birthday tomorrow? Nonexistent. Maybe I'll write an entry about just how nonexistent. Just no time for it this year nor this month. But I'm still keeping The Journey going. Whew.
To Positron!