5:03 PM, Tuesday, October 6th, 2015:
And just like that, the guesthouse is rented. The 2nd call. Saw it less than 15 hours later... annnnnnnd done. One dude, a chef, no pets, doesn't smoke... voila. I shouldn't be as shocked as I am, but I am as shocked as I am.
Although there's at least 4 serious people behind him that wanted the place, this didn't get the attention I got 2 1/2 years ago when I did rented it out. The reason? No pets. Just, not even budging, not even caring... not doin' it. That took out quite a bit of people... but YAY. I'm finally in a position where I don't have to clean up another man's dog shit. As I approached 40 that was honest to goodness all I wanted to be able to say. Of course I never should've had to before either, but you pick your battles.
Here's the best part... for the entire month of October? EMPTY. Granted, he isn't PAYING for the entire month of October and I considered going with other tenants for an extra month's rent... but then something else occurred to me: I don't have to. So for a month, I get my own office space to deal with the insanity of October 2015. Of course he also asked that I paint a little more, fix a little more and I will do that as well... but it's such a luxury to have this space that is so... quiet. Man it's nice.
He also wants the Ms. Pac-Man table out of there (which kind of served as a storage unit for my beloved cocktail table) and now I guess it comes in the house and the kids can play it for a bit...
HAAA. Him shaking once it started is pretty awesome. I have the speed chip on it for my own personal adrenaline rush, but JESUS is it too fast for toddlers (and most adults honestly), so it may be awhile before they can actually play it. Gotta get it onto GolfKon somehow. Hmmm.
So there it is. I figured if I made such a big deal about the Guesthouse trailer, I should at least announce it's rented so no one bugs me. :-)
Then again, you know what's weird? No one comes to this site. Life is all Facebook. This really has become my personal hidden website where I chronicle stuff simply because I almost always have. Half my life is on this site.