3:31 PM, Thursday, June 25th, 2015:
Little man is 1.5!
So yes, as I say in the video - we're committed to this .5 thing. I really can't imagine not having a "day" that was just for me...
...and of course today is also the anniversary of me proposing to Talya (LMFAO) so this little bastard can't win. HAHAHAHA. But we don't really celebrate that fact simply because... GIVE THE KID A GODDAMN DAY ALREADY. Like I really feel bad for him. Vienna CONSTANTLY takes his shit, yells at him when he LOOKS at her, he doesn't have his own room... doesn't even have his own birthday. Gotta change this! So the .5s have it! Glad I realized I should call it .5 + 1 or the songs would've been really difficult at 2.5, 3.5, 4.5... this way we can change it up... though I kinda like the beat and background so I'll probably just change where I'm singing and what I'm doing. I like having a theme to the song (like the guitar/birthday one for Vienna and Cam).
And yes he will get 2 and Vienna won't. And that will seem unfair to her and she's just gonna have to deal with that until she's old enough to realize it isn't even remotely unfair. WELCOME TO LIFE KID. We're trying to be cool to the poor bastard that has to share EVERYTHING, ALWAYS. Heh.
Of course the real truth will be, no one will come to his birthday parties because it's not his REAL birthday and then all THAT shit starts. Which I think is why I'm makins such a big deal about this .5 thing now. We just kind of need to set it in stone that THIS is his birthday. THIS is the day we celebrate. This is the big one. We did celebrate his first birthday last year simply because it's hard to skip "1"... but I'd like to get in the habit of a small... maybe family dinner type thing on Christmas evening but point the "party" and fun stuff to summer. I hope it works. I hope he knows how hard we tried to make it special for him.
That's all you can do, man. Happy 1.5 Cam!