7:58 PM, Wednesday, June 17th, 2015:
In 2001 I kinda photoshopped my way into e3 for fun. As a fan. It was cool. I got to play the late Gary Coleman at Tekken...
The following year I went to help out Planet GameCube 'cause I simply liked the guys who ran the site and offered my video editing skills 'cause I felt like they missed a huge opportunity to sell a bunch of DVDs in '01. Here's the trailer I made for 'em...
...which ended up being a FOUR HOUR DVD. A tremendous amount of work, coding, burning... it was a nightmare. What did I get out of it? An Xbox.
Even as a struggling artist at the time, that kinda stung. I didn't expect a big pay day, but they little by little turned a simple one hour DVD into me burning the DVD myself (which in 2002 was really, really difficult) and it consumed weeks of time. I still loved the guys (in fact, Steven Rodriguez was one of those guys and, wow - so was Michael Cole!) Bloodworth, Metts, the boss, Berghamer. I loved 'em all, but man I was done working for free. It had been nearly 3 years of that in LA and I was kinda done.
I was also kinda done with e3. I love gaming... on my own time. I don't love it as a job. It takes all the fun away for me. Funny, as I explained with RentTheDelorean and radio, certainly held true for videogames. A "dream job" that once you have it (even had I gotten paid) it becomes a chore. You play games you hate because you have to. My hats off to the people that can do that... I can't. And e3 itself? Oh fuck if I never go to another one. It's loud. It's very loud. It's long. It's very long. It's big. It's very big. You wait in lines for an hour to play games for 5 minutes. I know that as you move higher up the ladder you get "appointments" in which you have actual meetings and a good amount of time with the games, but it was a ladder I simply never cared to climb. I'd rather see it on my big screen when it gets released. Early means nothing when you really don't care...
...enter Don who is putting a video game show pilot together and needed some camera work for e3. I love Don to death, but even I was like "oh jesus Don, anything else. I will clean your toilets if you need me to, but not e3". He understood. And I sat on it for a couple days and finally said "ok". I mean honestly, that's what friends do. He needed help and I could give him a day. He's like "it'll be 3 hours!" to which I responded: "No Don, no it won't". (He's never been to e3). So the day was mostly just getting in (we ended up leeching off of Stan Lee humorously enough) and really only spent a couple hours on the floor as they just set up meetings for the following days. I got to play the mobile oculus rift thing which actually kinda sucked because it's not the full-blown resolution of the oculus rift since it plays off your phone, but it's still kind of amazing it's on your phone.
We got some burgers at slamburger... Don flew his drone while getting yelled at... and we saw a bum fight on the way home. Don's girlfriend Tania jumped out and got into the middle of it recording it with an iPad and Don finally had to jump out and grab it from her beforeREAL trouble started. LOL. And I barely made it back to my car for tipoff to eventually watch The Cavs lose in 6.

All in all?  It was an adventure. A single-man adventure which are rare these days. And, well, it's a journey video. At the end of it all?  It's always a good video. :-)