11:14 AM, Monday, June 15th, 2015:
It's funny the amount of guilt I have writing these entries. Same thing happened when I took the tree down last year... I want to assure everyone that I'm an Ohio boy! I love trees! Trees make the property! Shade! Just awesome!
These aren't real fucking trees out here. These are made-up horror stories. These are trees that drop multiple types of leaves, ALL-YEAR ROUND. Not sure I can even fully express how insane the two trees I removed Thursday and last year were. Like, I'm used to helicopter leaves back east, right? They suck, but you could at least RAKE them. What exactly do you do here?
The answer? You don't. You literally have to shop-vac them. Sure you can rake a few of them, but it's just ridiculous how LONG they fall, how far they fly and how it's just one phase of falling as we still have little BALLS of some shit for the other months and actual LEAVES (that fall, grow back in a month and then fall again)... it's comical. And I have searched this entire city and have NEVER seen this tree or it's droppings anywhere else.
Now it hardly effected the golf course but the upkeep was too much. The problem? Shade. Beautiful shade for the house and the front yard in the afternoons. It's JUST starting the hot season here and I'm taking it down NOW. I went back and forth, but in the end, it had to be done. At least we have cool DRONE video to show you.
I actually think last year's tree video had more drama to it because we saw it falling down ON us. From a drone perspective, it just looks kinda simple and pretty. Interesting. Here's last year's video:
A LOT more intense, right? Honestly, it's just because it was over GolfKon. Heh.
Alright, so damnit - I STILL have a few days worth of cleaning to do. So, on with that. Glad I got to use my drone. Good times.