6:16 PM, Friday, June 5th, 2015:
I actually needed this rental. I have to admit the business has gotten very "routine" and this reminds me of just how much this car and movie can make someone's day or even a memorable LIFE moment. I'm in the midst of 14 gigs in 28 days and it's pretty intense. You don't have the normal build-up of "Hey _____ is tomorrow!". It's just a sea of events or moments that all you care about is if you can actually GET THERE because your job relies on the dependability of a Delorean. That's what happens when you get so successcul it becomes work. A job. It happened with radio. Free CDs! Free Concerts! That got old (to me anyway) very, very quickly. Once you HAVE to do something, you find you don't always WANT to.
And then moments like this happen...
It doesn't matter if you've never seen the movie. It doesn't matter if you saw it and it meant nothing to you. If you watch that video? You get it. That is a happy man. He's happy because he had no idea this was even possible. He's thrilled his wife surprised him, he's thrilled he's sitting inside his childhood... he's just gobsmacked. He feels like the luckiest person on the PLANET.
It actually struck me. I felt "joy" about the car I really don't feel anymore. I don't want to act like I don't like the car, OF COURSE I DO, but it really becomes a "job". People talk about this phenomenon when they're working on really high profile comedy shows or movies... at some point? What seemed AMAZING, though still cool, has repetition to it. You start looking for ways for it to be new again... and my GOD, did this rental do it for me. I mean, I love people to begin with, it's what made being a talk show host so fun for me... but Robert was this massive dose of "Oh yeah, this is really special" and I needed that.
This will continue to be a job but I'm gonna try my best to connect with that 9 year-old who fell in love with the movie. I mean, I already appreciate the amount of work I have considering other people with this car are struggling right now... I'm still grateful for that... but the true magic of the movie really had been lost on me. Seeing it through Robert's tearful eyes reminded me how much it still means to people.
Thanks man,