12:20 PM, Thursday, May 28th, 2015:
Scrolling down to avoid spoilers...
I would've bet money and I don't bet. That's how little chance Don had of doing what he did. Ask any of the tour players they would say the same thing. It's not our own arrogance, it's our own humility of the difficulty to not only qualify for a Major (top 4) but to then get past the meltdowns and hold on for a one-stroke win when you're playing people that have spent EASILY a hundred hours on the course.

And I couldn't BE more thrilled. It's such a big win points-wise, that Don is now actually in contention to win the entire year:
That's crazy. Even crazier is, he qualified for March Madness (B2015) but had to leave before the bracket started or he could easily be at 275 or 300 points and Matt and I wouldn't have gotten those points... and he wasn't even AT the first event. So yeah, Don is very much alive... however...
If history stands? He won't make the cut in the next tournament. We've watched it happen over and over. A new guy comes in, he does amazing - he qualifies or even wins? The next tournament he's so far in his own head he can't seem to break it. It's a golf thing. And I think it's universal on every course, but it's magnified on GolfKon because it's only NINE holes. Once you've "mastered" them? You think "Oh, I've got this" and you inevitably start second guessing when things go south and it becomes a disaster. We've seen it over and over and we've done it over and over. Don is CERTAIN that won't be him. And goddamnit I hope he's right. I would LOVE for him to be a serious "pro tour player" that we can add to the 4 or 5 people we presently have that are consistent. I waiver on Michael Cole because even he will admit that he's just lost his nerve since his win last year. He keeps coming back though, but he can't seem to break that (-4) (-5) range. Similar to Steven was last year. Now Steven gets (-6) regularly and will eventually break through and win one of these things.
Also, the interviews. I used my new video slider that I used earlier this month with my dad and my goodness does it add a touch of professionalism that is remarkable. Of course, how do I do another tournament without it? I think I've just added a literal fuckton of work to the production of these videos that NO one watches. Oh well. I love 'em. I think they're awesome. Just a matter of time...
OK, am I done with the video production this month please? JESUS. It's been a rough month. So tired.
PS - holy shit, it's the one-year anniversary of the Time Machine arriving. Totally slipped my mind. Ahh well, the anniversary of the "idea" entry is far bigger in my mind. Still crazy I've only had it a year though.