8:08 AM, Wednesday, May 20th, 2015:
And in the end, it's just another colorful chapter of 2015:
This week was a lot of things for me. Sure there was the loneliness and feeling of not belonging, but it's the result of becoming a really good businessman. Something I wasn't aware I could do. Well, I wasn't aware that I COULDN'T do it. In fact, I was certain I could... but I didn't know it. Now I know that's in my repetoire. That's cool.
I'm also thrilled I took advantage of the trip I HAD to go on to take the drone footge and to go to the BTTF event. I'm pretty good at making the most of situations (like the Disney convention) and I'm certainly proud of myself for not just relaxing. I mean, the kids are going apeshit right now and part of me is thinking "you probably just should've relaxed". LMAO. But instead I did THE most stressful shit possible with those drone shots. I've never shaken so much in my life. And since I don't smoke? I would just go through drive-thrus and eat junk food to comfort myself. I went so often I ended up handing OLD drink cups to the guy at the window to throw out so I could fit the NEW ones in the car. That's the Adam Kontras way to be "out of control" and need to self-medicate. Cheeseburgers and french fries. LOL. But seriously, it was THAT stressful getting those shots.
The event went great and the company, Passco, was thrilled with the response. I happened to be there when their president came by and told the woman that put it all together "GREAT JOB." I was happy for her. She really did an amazing job - that booth looked incredible. And for me, the entire gig is arriving and leaving. Once it was parked? Uhm. I spent a couple hours there on Tuesday just waiting for the interview thingee - but most of the time I was in my hotel room and playing with my quad. Editing, writing... that parts awfully nice. The freedom to be able to do all that. Thankfully the car was fine and this unbelievable year keeps on truckin'.
Of course now? The stress of trying to get that GODDAMNED GOPHER to come out of that GODDAMNED HOLE before the GODDAMNED MEMORIAL TOURNAMENT. It may be delayed. It looks like the Murray Brothers segment will have to be done late next week anyway so unless I can get a firm date on them, it may just be a July 4th thing.
So much going on. So many videos. So much production. So busy.
So wonderful.