9:42 PM, Tuesday, May 19th, 2015:
It hit me sometime this morning that I absolutely, positively don't belong here. On so many levels it feels like The Soprano "Coma" episodes where Tony was Kevin Finnerty. Leave it to me to be caught up in Mad Men's ending of course leading to memories of The Sopranos (Matthew Weiner also wrote for The Sopranos) and come up with a 10 year old allusion to a character even Sopranos fans forget. Those episodes were transformative to me...
So how did this out-of-body feeling start? First, not actually having a pass to get into the convention and being given one with the name "Chad Owens" with a picture I look nothing like. That alone didn't do it... it was being in elevators with other businessmen at the convention who look at the city on your pass (where you're from) and start striking up conversations about the area. You inevitably play along just to see how long you can talk about Corpus Christi.
Then, it's how I'm dressed. I have a suit on, but you throw in these red running shoes ('cause goddamnit I want some comfort), a t-shirt and my stupid fedora... I don't look like ANYONE at this show. I look like a goof-ball playing make-believe.
But that's fine! Of course! I'm used to that man! I'm the Delorean guy! I'm supposed to be odd...
...but what happens when you're also not "The Delorean Guy"? Guys, this was a business idea that just took the fuck off to places I had NO idea it would go. I'm a good actor, I can play the part... but this just isn't me. Like the entry a couple days ago: it becomes uncomfortable at some point because you're just not being you.
So I pulled out my iPhone and figured it was video worthy. Also was able to tape the periscope interview I did for the convention and, well, it's a journey video:
I also hate Vegas. Everything the city stands for is the opposite of what I would find fun. In fact, Talya and I came here in 2011 to see Burg & Aaron and I wrote this song:
I always end up in this city for something and I'm always thrilled to leave. Which brings up the NEXT point:
Where's Talya!?!?!? Where's my family? I'm in that mode of seeing everything through my kid's eyes. Oooh, Vienna would think this is cool, Cam would like that... I? Don't like any of it. I like my drone. That's been the saving grace. I can take this quad-copter out and get beautiful footage that's so goddamn scary to attempt I shake for 20 minutes afterwards. And even that isn't me, but I do like cameras and capturing life in interesting ways.
So what do I do? I'm presently sipping whiskey, writing an entry, and editing video. Goddamn oxford comma. Why do you have to look so wrong, but be SO RIGHT?!? And I feel at home doing that. I just miss my family.
Alright, expect my drone reel tomorrow morning, although I'm probably not going to have this entry up by then. Sometimes life is too fast to get all this up the moment it's written. Sucks, but it sure beats the alternative of a shitty blog with no videos.