8:20 PM, Sunday, May 17th, 2015:
Ohhhhhh they did it. I still can't believe they did it. They somehow answered a million questions and little things that annoyed me about the show by showing what the entire series was about. What, a brilliant, ending.
He goes back... and he turns it all into a commercial. The best commercial of all-time. I'm sure some people won't get that and it will be argued (it literally ended 5 minutes ago), but it's as clear as can be. Hell the people in the commercial are dressed and look exactly like the people at the retreat. In the end, although Don spent a decade trying to find out who he was through women and alcohol and drama... in the end he was always a really good ad man. Able to turn life into little snippets that sell dreams. That never really left him. He just didn't value it before because it came to him so easy. So he spent the entire series trying to find who he REALLY was...
...he was always an ad man. One of the best. It's perfect.
Now understand that every goddamn moment leading up to them playing the commercial? I was so fucking annoyed. Who was this Don?!?! Suddenly becoming a hippie? Ohm???!!? REALLY? What the fuck? Who is this sad sap crying in therapy!?!? I knew how much time was left in the episode and I kept thinking - HOW CAN IT END LIKE THIS! Then they play the hippie commercial and well... thankfully I recorded ALL of those reactions because I'm bored and alone in a hotel room (oh that call to Betty when HE was alone in a hotel room literally ripped my heart out) and figured I'll tape it just in case it's awesome. It was:
So glad it connected with me. So glad Weiner stayed true to the character (you don't really change at that age even if you try and fight who you are - you're you) and although it's probably a little disappointing for people hoping for him to find something? It's honest. And you all know how much that means to me. You're you. You're not curing cancer, you're making ads to sell products. So what. It's what you're good at. Don accepted that. Accepted that he did this and did it well and that even sub-consciously that is how his brain works. He uses his life to influence his work. He can't escape it no matter how hard he tries. So he accepts it. And ends up making the greatest campaign of all-time.
So, so, so, brilliant. The other thing I absolutely LOVE is that you don't NEED to see the literal SEASON'S worth of episodes/scenes that it would take to show the road to that commercial - because we've already seen it. We've already seen how they react when he comes back. We've already seen him work his way back. We've already seen what happens so we can ponder it forever and basically watch the whole thing play out:  INSTANTLY. In fact, it's like there was already an 8th season in my mind. Has any show ever done that? That well? Wow. I cannot wait to re-watch that series again and again throughout my life. Simply wonderful.
Sooooo happy. Now I'm gonna go get some footage of Vegas with my drone. What a night!