11:19 AM, Tuesday, May 12th, 2015:
Pinch me. This is a big one.
So I get what I think is a totally random note on Facebook:
Hey there Adam,
My name is Rusty Blazenhoff. I would like to speak to you regarding your mini golf course. Do you have a couple of minutes?
My number is *** *** ****
I was racing to get ready for a Delorean gig and really didn't have time to call, but it was so vague I just had to. I was most certainly not prepared for what I was about to hear from this woman (Yes, Rusty is a woman)...
...who works for Pee-Wee Herman running his social media accounts. !! Of course! I had written him last year about recreating this picture on my course:
...to no response. Then I saw that the 9th was national minigolf day... why? Because Pee-Wee posted that picture on Facebook. DAH! So I wrote AGAIN figuring the obviousness of my course and the day would get someone's attention. And in fact, it did.
So Rusty thinks GolfKon would be an awesome place for Pee-Wee to hold an event during his upcoming media push for the new movie coming out this fall. I literally heard Charlie Brown's teacher after this point. This is a perfect fit. I know nothing is set in stone (hell, is it ever?) but sometimes you hear something and your brain just goes "well, DUH." I mean, I knew it was a duh, but hearing someone who works for him say it just hits you again. It's a PERFECT venue for something like that and could easily be a great Hats & Minigolf interview AND hole dedication for a charity of his choosing. And suddenly it allllllllllllll comes together. Head spinning...
I made the choice awhile back to not do the Mad Men hole and as time goes on it seems clear all the movie themes will be 80s movies and they'll all be light and funny. Mad Men (even without the alcohol/Jon Hamm issue with my whiskey bar idea) just doesn't fit. It's clear what GolfKon is becoming and it's been wonderful to LET it happen rather than force things to happen.
So Pee-Wee is shooting in New York at the moment, should be doing post in LA this summer and in the fall?! WHO KNOWS WHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS! Rusty said she was going to do a write-up about GolfKon on another site she works for called Neatorama.com, and true to her word, the next day:

That's keeping your word right there.

Good stuff. What an awesome day! What an amazing year! Ahhhhh! I HAVEN'T EVEN GOTTEN INTO HOW MUCH I WAS INTO PEE-WEE AS A KID!!?!!?!?