12:30 PM, Friday, May 1st, 2015:
The moment I became an adult has always been very clear to me. I got my own talk show on WTVN when I was 19, and a few months later my father came down to sit in the studio and watch it all go down. Our relationship changed at that moment. He was legitimately impressed, not as a father... but just man to man. He knew I could sing and play piano, write songs - but he did those things. No, this was the moment he shook his head and said "Ok, you've got something here..."
It continued with 4tvs, when he came up after the first set, almost like a little kid: "Adam, this is gonna work. This is gonna work! Might not work in this city, but this is gonna work!". And he was quite realistic with me before he saw it. How hard it was to get paying gigs... but he saw it and was generally impressed. The to LA, The Comedy Store, CBS National in NY (what a thrill to have him be part of that show and on the set), the Comedy Central pilot... he's become accustomed to my outlandish ambitions and my determination to achieve them.
It's with that set-up that I had to ask my dad a few questions after he saw the insanity that is RentTheDelorean.com in action at a corporate event...
I love interviewing my parents. My dad is very comfortable and smooth, while my mom is also comfortable but lacking every possible filter necessary to be smooth. LMAO. I'm clearly a combination of both. Isn't it crazy how much you still want to make them proud? I'm 15 years older than my father was when he had me, yet I still feel 10 half the time... and I dig that. That was a good time. That's the "seeing movies every weekend during visitation" time frame. Me around 10, my dad in his mid-30s.
But yeah, showing my dad my new business, especially one this "showy" is a huge thrill. It's interesting for "us" because it has very little to do with me. Moreso than any success I've ever had. Sure, I do the web-work and the videos and have the determination and ambition to get every possible gig... but it has nothing to do with my talents when it comes to the actual event. To me? That's just awesome. As I said in the last entry... you just show up! Park and leave! I mean on Tuesday we woke up late and sat at breakfast for 2 hours talking while the show floor was opening and starting. Finally went over to the convention out of boredom. So fun. What a great couple of days.
Also glad I set up the cameras and shot that small interview when all I wanted to do was relax. We see each other so rarely now - ya gotta do all you can to capture the moments.
Good times.