12:10 PM, Monday, March 30th, 2015:
Maybe it's just me. Me and a few of my friends, but I love tournament vdeos. LOL. I know they won't be what gets on TV (Hats & Minigolf certainly has more appeal) but I love the tour players, I love the different themes and I love that after this many tournaments? Winning actually means something. There's a history. And with that, I give you GolfKon's 2015 March Match-Play Madness:
Lemme add some black space so there's no spoilers under the video...
Fred, finally, does it. I was serious at the start of the match that once Matt was out it was like a "free play" in football. Of course I wanted to win, but if I lost (and goddamnit how can I not have mastered Hole 2 by now) I was still up 25 points on Matt and it was to Fred! The man who had become notorious for having it in the bag... and then just self-destructing. The guy you want to see win so bad who just melts down at a certain spot - a spot we can all melt down at, but he seemed to do it with no time to make it up. When he hit that ridiculous birdie on Hole 6? I knew it was over. My only hope was him messing up and the pinball hole-in-one on Hole 4 and that birdie on Hole 6 made it clear this was his day. As Matt said "this is the day you hit on women that would never even spit on you." LMAO. Good stuff.
This was also a bit of a celebration since RentTheDelorean.com was the sole business sponsor and yup, I'm writing out a check completely by myself. It's stunning that a year later, after having to search and beg, I can do it myself. How the... what? Final stats for the charity:
3 Door Donations x $5 =$115
11 Qualifying Eagles x $10 = $110
191 Qualifying Birdies x $2 = $382
2 Tournament Eagle x $20 = $40
46 Tournament Birdies x $4 = $184
Total Raised for Lymphoma Research = $831
Total Raised by Hole 7 for Kids in the Spotlight = $118
Grand Total Raised from the event = $949
Kickass. What a fun way to give money to charity. :)
So yeah, things are good and we now look to The Memorial Tournament and, well, I have a bit of an announcement to make...
...we're not doing the Mad Men Golf Hole like I had announced last year. Ugh. So bummed. There's several reasons, but there was one final straw that really just ended it. Jon Hamm completing rehab for alcohol kinda killed my whiskey bar idea. The hole was going to be Hole 1 because you start off feeling like a badass if you get a hole-in-one and it's the easiest hole to do that on. Melanie was going to be replaced with Don Draper's head from the logo and the tree table was going to be turned into a bar. I was going to carve out a hole in the middle where there'd be a signed whiskey glass when you tee'd off. It would become tradition that you toast it as you start off and everyone drinks and is merry.
Uhm. Well shit. Now it's not like I had Jon coming to the event, I was just starting to put the word out to get some cast members other than Joel Murray (Brian Blattt, "Sal" was so awesome he was gonna fly out) - but it could have happened and gee that stings a bit. I bet he wouldn't be too keen on that even tradition. I mean, there's some black humor to it, but I certainly don't want to make it. I love that show, I love Hamm in that show and I want to be as supportive as possible about his recovery. Takes a lotta balls to do rehab when your life is so public. Especially when you're known as Don Draper.
The other reaons were simply the theme of the course is far more fun and ridiculous than the very cerebral Mad Men and... it seems destined that each hole (and the Wheel of Fish) is going to be dedicated to an 80s film. So now what? It's time...
Hole 6 will now have Gemmy, the gopher from Caddyshack, popping up and down between the tee and the bank as you attempt to get your ball into the pyramid, which will now be called "The Gopher hole". Yes, animatronics ladies and gentleman. I have my work cut out for me, but I believe I'm up to the task. By the way, did you guys know that gopher was some rare collector's item? In the box new goes for like $150. !??!?! Thankfully, I got an open one for $40 on Ebay. Should arrive later this week. Good times.
Of course who will be there to dedicate it? My hope would be having the hole go to Joel Murray's favorite charity (which is where the Mad Men money was gonna go) and have him and his brother Brian (who wrote and was actually in Caddyshack) tee off together to kick it off on Memorial Day. As far as other castmembers go? I spoke with Michael O'Keefe (who I'm a huge fan of from his role on Roseanne as Jackie's husband, Fred) and he unfortunately moved to upstate NY not too long ago. Cindy Morgan lives in Florida. Chevy and Bill are just clearly a bit out of our league as a backyard minigolf course and sadly? Harold Ramis (Director) passed away last year, Ted Knight died in 1986 and Rodney Dangerfield in 2004! Brian-Doyle Murray is pretty much my only hope. But either way, "The Gopher Hole" is just far too perfect for GolfKon to avoid.
So it shall be. Alright! Onward to April and some lucrative gigs for RentTheDelorean.com! Woo-hoo! Congrats again Fred!!!!