8:31 PM, Wednesday, March 25th, 2015:
This is just. I just. Let me try this again...
Uhm. Why don't you just watch the video:
See what I mean? This is my job. And although it won't be this crazy after 2015? Presumably? There will still be enough gigs to be a great part-time gig. So yeah, this is kinda what I do now.
What an absolutely surreal night as I said in the video. Obviously, I've been to Back to the Future locations before with the Time Machine but never in a filming capacity where you felt like you were doing anything more than trespassing. I know other Delorean owners who have raced around the mall for a few minutes before security made them leave, but this was a permitted shoot that I was on for 5 hours. In fact, in the past decade I only know of one other time that's happened: the Nike shoot in 2011 for the Air Mag auction...
...and the gear. GOD DAMN THAT GEAR. The main camera was actually shooting at 5K (if the monitors are to be believed) and even their DRONE CAMERA was a 4K set-up. Dear jesus how wonderfully unnecessary is THAT! I LOVE IT. I cannot wait to see these shots next month. As I mentioned during the "Back in Time" interview entry, the gear is more exciting to me than anything else.