8:14 PM, Thursday, March 19th, 2015:
At the end of July last year, I wrote this to Videobob:
"August is a new month, 2015 is a new year - look ahead. You and I both have better things to focus on."
Even though he had finally sent the parts two weeks previous, he was still texting me and harassing me about everything. I was done talking about him and ended it with that sentence.
Of course the harassment continued, but I ignored all of it. He would go back and forth from wanting to work together at events to wanting to beat the shit out of me. Again, I ignored all of it. He got someone else's phone with an 818 number and tricked me, so I told him "I'm recording this" and proceeded to have the most ridiculously bipolar conversation ever. From insane threats like flyering my neighborhood that I was a child molestor to immediately asking if we could be buds again... it was just nuts. I now never answer my phone, but it made me make a cool RentTheDelorean.com greeting. :-)
But I never mentioned ANY of this. I never spoke of him, I chose to ignore it and wanted to focus on my business and getting this car paid off to a point that would allow us to keep it. Although I have always been open about that, I'm not sure people really understood the pressure of the situation. This is not my money, and I couldn't let October 2015 pass and NOT try to profit off the time period by selling the car at the peak unless I was certain I could make the full amount back relatively quickly. I made hardly anything in 2014 as I was setting everything up, but then one corporate gig made me realize what was just about to happen. But I never, ever thought it would happen in MARCH.
Alas, it has. The biggest debt was the modification of the car. It also symbolized Bob and all the harassment. Which, mind you, continued long after that call. Every time he was in town, texts. Voicemails trying to make ammends. Only since 2015 has it ceased, but I don't believe that it's over. I do believe he'll come up to me at an event and make a fool of himself. He's done it before.
Remarkably however, the check I received today (which took nearly 4 weeks to get cut, so I actually crossed this mark awhile ago) put me over the modification threshold. I couldn't believe it. Had I gotten to HALF this amount by December? I probably would've rolled the dice and kept the car...
...to get here this fast? My goodness. We're in a whole different startosphere. And it also means that the videobob saga is now in the rearview mirror. Sure he'll probably pop-up to harass me, but it won't be weighted with the stress that I somehow made a mistake going with him. I didn't. I got the best deal I could, the most for my money in the fastest amount of time and stayed on him like a hawk until all of my property was returned. I made the best choice for my business and although he then threatened to destroy my business, I've made enough in 2 1/2 months to erase his modification costs. It worked. I did it. Holy shit.
So I took video of me opening the fed-ex envelope of the check and when I loaded it in to edit it? It was almost exactly the same amount of time as one of my clips I made last summer of Bob's threats. The symbolism finally came full circle. Watching me open that letter while listening to his abuse (which was over me not locking the entries about the parts - you know, my only protection from him?) is just perfect. I won. I dealt with everything head-on, faced the bully, stood up and he didn't destroy me, he didn't do anything he said he would because when you stand up to bullies they show you their true colors. That's what this video means.
Boom. Man he's threatening. LOL. I forgot how absolutely ridiculous that is.
And stupid as fuck to boot. Jesus man, you're actually going to end up in jail. You're 40 years old brother! Calm the fuck down, mind your own business, and stop saying that someone releasing screenshots of YOUR OWN ABUSIVE TEXTS is slander. LMAO. That's not slander, open a book. UGH.
I can't imagine this will start any more shit. He's apparently gotten picked up for more shows, is busy building cars and I clearly haven't responded at all in nearly 8 months. But I post this today because this is a HUGE moment. I've crossed him off the list. In record time. I'm not gonna hide from this moment because it might agitate him. That's what everyone ELSE in his life does.
Moving onto paying off the stock Delorean. Away we go!