3:04 PM, Tuesday, March 17th, 2015:
There's a lot about the business side of things that will grow tiresome. Stories like this, will never be. This is why I put so much work into the site packages and try to shape unique experiences - because someone out there will just be floored. It won't just make their day, it will actually be an event they remember their entire lives. Today was one of those days:
That right there is magic. I had nothing to do with what created the magic within him, that happened when I was 10, but I am thrilled that I was able to put this hour together for him where he got to feel like he was literally in the movie. In fact, I made a new package video just because of how perfect this day was:
It really is that magic I spoke of in the last entry's video. The opportunity to spend time with this car and especially at THAT location... is an absolute out-of-body experience for so many people. And could the day have been any better? I mean, it looked so much like the movie it makes me think they shot those scenes in March. The green of the trees is absolutely perfect. Even a jaded guy like me felt like I was standing inside Movie History. Just, wow.
These are the days where I do indeed feel like the luckiest man in the world. When it's all said and done, you want to leave positive lasting impressions - no matter what the arena. In fact, it feels even better when it isn't your supposed arena. If someone likes a song I write, or some form of art that I do? Of course I'm proud, but the truth is? That's just kind of what I do. I'm not exactly stretching myself... I'm just doing what comes naturally. I appreciate the feedback and am always honored if I touched someone, but I've honestly been doing that since I was playing piano at 2. This business? Is a whole different compartment for me. I made something out of thin air that no one had ever done. Before RentTheDelorean.com? No one (who didn't already have a Delorean) could have an hour like that dude just had. I just kinda made up an experience and it ended up being Niels entire trip. I honestly thought he was going to kiss me full on the mouth as I left from the house. LMAO. He was beyond thrilled...
...and I smiled all the way home. I'm legitimately proud of this whole thing. Nevermind how much the company is making, that's awesome too (entry soon about a HUGE milestone) - but actually giving people these experiences. Just, YAY. What a wonderful thing to be able to do.
These are the days, my friends.