10:40 AM, Wednesday, March 4th, 2015:
I can't keep writing about the same freaking thing. I hate that. I hate looking back on portions of the journey and it's entry after entry of "OH MY GOD! This is AMAZING!"
Because in hingsight, you rightfully see that period as one thing. There was a moment the business was going well and you knew it, and it was amazing. Next?
But the truth is? It's gonna take me awhile to understand that. And believe me, I could write daily on how incedible this feels. And I already mentioned what happened yesterday so an entirely new entry on it seems redundant...
...but OH MY GOD. This is AMAZING!
I watched this event through pictures and videos on my phone. The woman booking the event assumed the driver was me (there was a language barrier, I wasn't trying to trick her) and she deposited money directly into my Chase Account to secure the gig and then paid him handsomely. Seriously I believe he made more per hour than anyone I've ever heard of. It's crazy.
Everyone is thrilled. They were thrilled, he's thrilled... I'm sitting there all day in a daze. This is actually happening. I think it's because in my entire life I've never made money without working my assssssssssssss off. So even this Delorean thing is kinda silly. Oh I drive to your house, eat your food and have a beer and then drive home? You're paying me? So that's already kinda nuts - but this? A whole new level. I'm basically managing a call-center for RentTheDelorean.com. I'm negotiating a couple deals right now, but it's pretty difficult to meet the demands because there simply aren't that many Time Machines out there. Nor do I think it's a really viable business if you're not already in a tourist/corporate mecca like Los Angeles, Vegas or Orlando.
So although it annoys me to keep writing seemingly the same entry, this is most certainly the truth. This is my life right now. Babies and Rentals. Life is very, very good.
Yay 2015.