11:17 PM, Wednesday, January 28th, 2015:
I can't do back-to-back RentTheDelorean entries on this site, but this is just incredible. I still haven't seen the San Diego footage that is presumably in the last entry as you read this, but watching video fo tonight's drop-off is absolutely stunning to me...
Claudia says it best when she says "My goodness gracious. My goodness gracious!". This was so over-the-top I just shook my head the entire time. I talked to Don during the paparazzi craziness and we just shook our heads laughing. Huh? For a 30 year old movie and the CAR in it? It's like we said in the Hats & Minigolf interview: you did a SCENE 30 years ago... not a movie... a SCENE. Ha. I love Don. Self-awareness is a beautiful trait. And he has that in droves.
So yeah, Gee-Kazz is an up and coming rapper and his label decided to get him the Delorean Time Machine for his entrance into his Release Party. I found it hilarious he tried to fit a girl on his lap during the ride. I have a longer version of this drop-off that is far more humorous and not nearly as cool - but that will remain private. ;-)
Very nice guy and extremely appreciative of the car. And wow, talk about being worth every penny publicity-wise. Holy shit does this beat a limo. I mean, we never actually travel in it - he jumps in literally on the side of the building, but no one realizes that... so it's all theater of the mind and I'm really happy I put so much effort into this package. For the right person/place it's an extremely good value and it's a very simply process for me...
...and yeah, I've touched on it previously but - this is getting unbelievable. The amount of events I have on-deck is overwhelming. I have wait-lists for October... I am negotiating a dozen different deals each day - my head is spinning. Hell, I just came back from a gig - TONIGHT! It just never ends. This is so much more than I could've imagined and I'm so goddamn proud by my decisions as a businessman it's hard to contain it. This took every ounce of my skill as a web-designer, a video editor and professionalism on the phone/emails/texts to my clients to make this work out so well. I'm getting contacted from all over the country and trying to find other cars to pull off gigs 2000 miles away and taking a fee... simply because of the professionalism of my site and the responsibility and accountability I give every, single, contact. That's so crucial in business. Respond professionally, respond immediately, do everything to help make their event work and they will respond positively. I'm stunned at how many people don't do that.
Customer service is (and always will be) the key to success. Very excited about this year. And it's starting to become pretty apparent that this will bleed in to 2016 and beyond. I'll never have a year close to this, but it's a passive form of income that can become a great family business for decades to come.
Wow. This is crazy. I cannot believe how quickly things jumped when 2015 hit. Like a light switch.
Alright, I just found out I had a cancellation for a gig in San Francisco Friday so I can breathe easy and get ready for GolfKon on Sunday! AHHHHHHHHHHHH. How am I ever going to pull off those 6 events this year?!?!?
Fun problem to have.