10:53 PM, Tuesday, January 20th, 2015:
Well, imagine that. She was able to open a car door and walk out. :-)
Pretty pimp. In the end, this will also be remembered as my first "big gig". Financially, I made the same as the Arizona gig, but this was 10,000 people and it felt huge. It was awesome. Also, this morning being my 3rd day in San Diego made a fairly routine moment actually give me some anxiety. I mean you build something up that long it's like "oh shit! this is what 7 people were freaking out about for 2 days! ahhh!"...
...then you put your foot on a brake. And it's over. LOL.
Good times. And this is a pretty cool picture:
The cool thing is, everyone is SO appreciative. The crowd loved it. They ran up afterwards to get pics. The president was incredibly excited and so thankful... it's very nice to be able to provide something that makes people so happy. It's hardly even subjective: everyone loves this car. Everyone freaks out. Everyone smiles. As jobs go? This is pretty nice. I do love the smiles. I don't get into the "feeling cool with my car" aspect of having it... because it has nothing to do with me. But I do enjoy simple happiness and people acting like they're 9 again. That's pretty wonderful.
Alright, I'm dead tired. Excited to wake-up in my own bed tomorrow and play with the kids.