11:14 PM, Sunday, January 18th, 2015:
Irony. Vienna can't walk, and now Cam can. (sigh)
But YAY - we finally got video after trying for over a week!
My boy loves his basketball man! So awesome.
So Cam ends up being about 6 weeks later than Vienna at walking and it's because the boy weighed as much as a 2 year old when he was 10 months old. He was honestly so fucking big he couldn't hold himself up - LMAO. He's gonna love this entry in a few years. Hahahahaha.
Of course he's now catching up very fast. He's gaining height and staying the same weight so he finally was able to walk at 12 1/2 months. Vienna was almost 11 months on the DOT. Let the sibling rivalry begin!!!!!
I'd love to report that their relationship has improved, but alas... it's still rough. He's finally saying his first word (with meaning, not just dadadadadada mamamamamama) and guess what it is?
I guess when MINE has been screamed in your face your whole life you catch on to it. (sigh). The good news is that good times are starting to get a little bit longer. And it's a good thing too, because if Vienna keeps up this pace? She will get CRACKED in the face in roughly 1 month. She's awfully pushy for a sister who will be outweighed in short-order. Now that he can walk? Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeit, she better cool it on the "NO BABY NO! MINE!" routine. ;-)
But when she's in a good mood? They get along great. He's enamored by her and always wants to be near her and, well, he's learning tolerance. So hard not to make a "Dealing with crazy chicks" crack right now, but even Talya and I giggle at the onviousness of it all. Cam will be chilling playing with a toy... Vienna will COME INTO the room he's in, scream "NO BABY NO!!!!" and he looks at us with this blank stare... and just watches her as if to say "What IS this crazy bitch gon' do now?".
I know, I know I shouldn't call my daughter a bitch, but it's exactly what he looks like. Wide-eyed just waiting for this ball of insanity to wind up and explode some more. He just kinda chills. Every once and awhile she scares him enough that he cries. Then she cries. And... wow. This could end up being a very trying period - LMAO.
But I believe the good times are starting to take over and as he gets a bit more mobile (and punches her in the face a few times, that's seriously the only thing that's going to balance this abuse - SO HORRIBLE TO TYPE) they will end up having fun together.
But yes, my boy can walk! Now I'm off to another corporate adventure in San Diego.
Crazy chapter of my life, for sure.