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10:31 AM, Saturday, January 17th, 2015:
This is so shitty and so embarrassing I'm gonna do something I never do: lock this entry until I know she's alright (or needs surgery) because I cannot believe this happened.
So there's a toddler morning at a trampoline park in town called SkyZone. $5 for your kid and parents are free so you can, well, watch your kid. I have reservations about rampolines for all ages, but 2 seems kinda nuts. However, they have a dedicated 2-hour period for just toddlers and there's really no place to fall. I'm sure you can see where this is going...
...however the truth is? We did it several times. And it was a blast and Vienna loved the hell out of it. Toddlers are so light that they can't do much damage and it's all one huge flat surface. Took some video of Vienna and Talya jumping in slow motion...
The creepy effect of the audio is now foreshadowing of what happened on Thursday. (sigh)
So I'm watching Vienna and she's having me follow her. You take special care to never jump in the same square they're in (obviously), but I ended up jumping towards her as she jumped back into my square at the same time. By the time she got to where she thought the ground would be? I was deep into the trampoline meaning she fell a bit, and momentum sent the ground SHOOTING up at the speed of my fat-ass completely buckling her leg. Like, I'm the dad that lets my kids fall all over the place... and this was really, really bad. The ground speed was the equivalent of her jumping off a fucking roof. She screamed like I had never heard before, I picked her up and walked to Talya and said as seriously as possible:  "This is really bad."
We sit down and they take a report, Vienna screams for a good 20 minutes all the way to the car. She cannot stand and only the lack of weight on her knee in her car seat gives her relief. We get home and spend the entire day seeing if she can put any weight on it, and she can't even come close. She wakes up 3 times screaming in pain throughout the night complaining her knee hurts. The next morning? Cannot stand.
I believe only parents can understand how absolutely bizarre this is. Children, even with the craziest injuries, can't be kept down. The hardest part of having a kid with a bad injury is that they have so much energy they don't care. She'd be fine, would want to go outside to play, you set her down and she holds her leg up and literally cannot put an ounce of weight on it. After a full 24 hours with no improvement... we had no choice - we had to take her to get an x-ray. I believe having to get your 2-year-old an x-ray is the first stamp on your "HORRIBLE FUCKING PARENT" card. And all I see in my head is my fat ass buckling her leg. UGH.
We go to get the X-ray and she's pretty adorable at the hospital. They want to weigh her but she can't put weight on her left leg so she's holding it up and saying "Not working, dada". Talk about breaking your heart. Hell even on the way to there she kept saying "Skyzone?!?! Skyzone?!?!" because she still wants to have fun and jump and doesn't connect the fact that she can't actually stand. So we get the x-ray and... oh yeah, side note:
The x-ray technician asks me to take her shirt off. Uhm...
"For her leg?"
"No, this is a chest x-ray."
"No, it's an x-ray of her leg."
She walks into another room...
"Oh you're right, leg x-ray."
What the serious fuck people. How do you allow your job to get so commonplace that you don't understand the severity of NOT KNOWING WHICH PATIENT YOU HAVE? Fucking, fuck. She came back overly nice and talking about how BEAUTIFUL the name Vienna was and how she lived there and BLAH-buh-fucking-BLAH. DO YOUR JOB. Especially dealing with minors who might not always have their parents there to correct you. UGGGGGGGGH.
So the x-rays showed swelling around the knee, but no obvious fracture. The doctor looked at me, as seriously as she could and said: "I cannot tell you there isn't soft-tissue damage. That fluid shouldn't be there."
(sigh). So we're referred to an orthopedic surgeon for an MRI. A 2 year old. Getting a fucking MRI. It could still just be a muscle sprain, she has since been able to stand (today) but cannot actually WALK. So we go to our GP Monday and hopefully we'll have an MRI by the end of the week to rule out ligament damage. And my mind can't even process the recovery for THAT. How do you put a 2-year-old in a cast? The hardest thing is, now that she can stand? We still have to keep her down as much as possible (though she's taken to crawling) because if she did stretch or tear that ligament... she could fall and REALLY fuck it up. It's absolutely nerve-racking and now Cameron can walk better than her. UGH. I just want to get that MRI and know she's OK in the worst way. I leave for San Diego on another gig on Monday and won't be back until Wednesday so hopefully our appointment is Thursday. Unfucking real. Un, fucking, real.
I know it's easy to say "Duh, trampolines aren't for toddlers", but the truth is - this was indeed a freak accident. It's that whole double-bounce phenomenon where you can sky-rocket your friend to the moon if you time it right... and she just happened to jump in at the perfect (or not so perfect) time and I just crushed her. We had moments in the weeks before this where we ended up in the same square and this never happened. She loves it and even Cam was jumping around the last time and having a blast. Since it's all kids and parents it's actually quite safe - so I don't want to bad mouth the place in the least - but I guarantee you:  I will have the hardest time ever going back if she ends up being ok in a couple weeks. I know we have to face the fear but holy shit, I keep replaying that "buckle" in my head... GODDAMNIT MUST WE ALWAYS HURT OUR CHILDREN?!?!?!?!?
Ugh. Keep us in your thoughts.