(oh how perfect does my 2015 color scheme seem now!?!?!)

6:01 PM, Wednesday, January 14th, 2015:
Words escape me. I mean, what the hell did I write in 2003 when this happened?

"...holy shit. I mean HOLY SHIT. What is so incredible about last night's game is that there's no argument... that was the greatest football game of all-time. That was the Superbowl of Superbowls, that was the game of games - nothing comes close. It easily ranks up there as one of the biggest upsets (though there are quite a few) but in terms of the actual game - BEST. No one will refute that. I still can't believe it. I thought we'd stay close for a half and then get our asses handed to us in the 2nd half. What I didn't count on was the AMAZING turnovers by Miami. The big plays were just SO BIG.


I mean, Clarett - are you kidding? Did you run down the dude after he intercepted it and just TOOK it back? WHAT? "

That 2 overtime game actually still stands as the greatest football game I've ever witnessed. What we did this year was so dominant... it was just FUN. I love how similar the reaction pics are. HAHAHA. I'm gonna shut-up now. Enjoy this 15 minute beauty of a video that will remind every Buckeye fan of just what THEY were doing during all of these big plays:
Just holy shit that's awesome. Where do I start? First, if I'm Cardale? I go to the NFL. The chances of him EVER being this hot again, are slim to none. Listen, I'll be happy as fuck if he stays. I want an entire YEAR of Jones/Zeke to cheer... but I'm just not sure the gamble is worth it. With a good combine and how goofy NFL Draft hype is? He could be a 1st round pick NOW. We'll see what he says tomorrow.
So the game... I mean, we dominated. We dominated so much that we could hand over 4 turnovers and still double their fucking score. I can't believe how badly they wilted under real, physical, hits. And Mariotta? His stock is in trouble. Once he got POPPED a couple times? He was a different quarterback. He now seems destined to be a quirky college quarterback that is the product of an interesting offensive scheme rather than NFL material. I mean, watch Cardale take a hit? He knocks 300+ pound guys BACKWARDS. He's a BEAST. And his effortlessness throwing... he's an NFL quarterback. Wow.
And of course ZEEEEEEEEEEEEEKE. Those runs? Have we ever seen so many broken plays just turn into huge gains from an OSU running back? I mean, I loved Carlos Hyde and he certainly could bulldoze his way through lines, but the plays seem designed for that. Elliot is creating out of absolutely nothing and his speed is so deceiving. It seems like they have him and he's somehow moving faster than the defense even though their legs are seemingly running faster? Noticed that? His strides are long and his push-off is unprecedented. It's almost like he's in slow-motion yet moving faster (if that makes any sense). Spectacular. The 3 games those 2 fuckers have had are so unreal, it feels like a fairy tale. And with everyone we're bringing back?!?!?!?! Hello Dynasty.
...however, Urban's constant repeat of "not now" in terms of thinking about the NFL should not be dismissed. Get ready Buckeye nation... he will break our hearts. Give us 10 years man. Can you do that? But he's not a lifer. He's not a Woody. You can tell he's going to move on and it's gonna fucking hurt a bunch.Hopefully something happens in the next couple of years for him to believe it's just not worth it. I have to believe inspiring college kids is 1000x more rewarding than managing an NFL team. In college you're so involved in recruiting and sitting in those living rooms and changing people's lives. In the NFL other people get you the players and you're simply a manager of egos as you try to make the right moves not to get crushed. Granted, I see the challenge... but he has the opportunity at Ohio State to become other-worldly legendary. Time will tell.
Right now however - WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS. And undisputed at that! We took out the #1 and #2 teams BACK TO BACK! Even my man Mo'Kelly had to write this status: "Congratulations Ohio State. You are the best team in the nation this year and you earned it. No excuses." and he hates our GUTS. Much respect for that...
...and honestly with the playoff system, once you've selected the Top 4? It's hard to argue any result. Yes it should be at least 6 with a #1 and #2 seed bye (keep final 4 on new year's, make the first round on Christmas Eve), but no matter what - the fact that you have to play 2 top ranked teams to win it? Wow. Undisputed. Holy freaking shit we did it.