12:23 PM, Friday, January 2nd, 2015:
Dominated. Absolutely dominated the #1 team in the country. I know the score says we won by a touchdown but we HANDED them 14 points on unforced turnovers and were sitting there down 21-6 by absolutely no doing of Alabama. That's what's so amazing about that game. We were so dominant, that we could hand them 14 and still be up 2 scores at the end of the game. Cardale is a freak of nature and Elliot?!?!??! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT? That run was, well, it's the only part of that game that warrants a reaction video:
What I love about that video is that it is a case-study in how my brain deals with good and bad in life. Elliot breaks free and I get up knowing this could be a touchdown. Jimmy is already jumping and losing his shit. I look like a robot as I'm watching 5 different things on the field that could do one way or another that would stop the run. At the end you see a slight smirk as my checklist of "bad shit that can happen" is removed and I know he's in. At which point I can barely be excited because my mind has been through a mini-battle of processing statistics and angles. Finally, when Jimmy knocks me over I can let go and get excited. Even then? I still say "We haven't won yet..." It's absolutely symbolic of The Journey and how many times I've "made it" and "lost it" in a single breath. Experience is a mutha-fucka.
BUT HOLY SHIT! WE'RE IN THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP AND GODDAMNIT?!?! We could take this!!!! I knew I would change my tune the second we won. LMAO. I mean, as a betting man? I still have some concerns about Oregon but this team feels like the destiny team of 2002/2003. On paper you can take them apart, but they just play together so well... you can't shake 'em. Cardale Jones has played 2 games... and each time he ends the game on a stage with confetti because they're the 2 biggest games of the season!??!?! And it seem... totally normal?!?!? And now the freaking National Championship!??!?! Wow. How do you bet against them? New paragraph.
And that's the thing, most people will still choose Oregon, 'cause on paper they're the better team - but every single person picking them has this thing in the back of their head that says "something crazy might happen." And if you've actually WATCHED our team the whole year? There's this crazy intangible that you cannot put on paper. This bonding "us against the world" mentality... this remarkable timing of the Big Ten kicking ass in the bowl games and a shift of the college landscape - all on the back of our 3rd string quarterback who looks and plays like a Black Big Ben from the NFL. It's stunning. I have never seen anything like it. No matter who we lose, it's like you can't break our spirit. This won't happen again ladies and gentleman. If we do win the championship and go on to win 3 out of the next 4 or something crazy, it will never be like this Cinderella year. Weeks ago we're #16 and now this? Wow. This feels like a fairy tale and I think the country is realizing that. Something special is happening and X's and O's don't matter. And hell, even with X's and O's I can argue Ohio State is a better team than Oregon. Take no stock in that FSU blowout - 5 turnovers and a team that literally gives up in the 3rd quarter is no "test". FSU never had a defense all year, so it stands to reason Oregon would pick them apart.
But wow. Just, wow. I cannot even believe this is happening. And now my trip to Arizona with Jimmy will actually feel like a trip to GO SEE THE BIG GAME! Even though we're watching it in a hotel room, it's still gonna feel different and cool. WOWOWOWOWOWOW. GOBUCKS!!!! Happy 2015!!!! AHHHHHH!