12:01 AM, Thursday, January 1st, 2015:
Hmmm... are my kids ever going to have the wonder about the "future" that I did or my parent's generation did? I think they were the first to really equate it with space and technology, but now that we're kind of there - and it seems so common - all of the wonder about the future seems dystopian. Kids won't dream of technology or space stuff, they'll just assume it's gonna be worse, right? Will the bright bubbly future scenes like "Back to the Future II" ever happen again?
I kinda don't think they will. That just hit me. This seems like, well, it. Here we are, this is the future, it's all downhill from here - enjoy your iPhones (which feel like a dumbing down of our society rather than a lifting up). Remarkably depressing way to start the new year, Adam. Especially one you're this excited about.
Pardon me while I use that cross-fade in back to back videos.
So yeah, 1-2000 is gonna happen in 5 years and it seems as though the three acts of the movie will take 20 freaking years to happen instead of what I hoped would've been 10, but looking back - it clearly ended at the wrong place. I still love 1-1000, but hey: I'm a dark dude. :-) Somehow my kids will come in and totally fuck with 2010 Adam, which I'm excited about. Considering the maturity of Vienna, I may just have her be the creepy 7 year old that is wise beyond her years chilling the whole audience. Ha. Who knows. I may not even use them. Unless they really show some extraordinary talents in that direction, it's not even worth it for a silly documentary. Let them be kids as long as possible. Time will tell.
But of course, I'm excited about this upcoming 5 year period and 500 videos/entries because it's starting so absolutely incredibly. How surreal is this whole Time Machine thing? The fact that I already have a multi-thousand dollar gig on the books and it just turned midnight on 2015? Things are gonna be pretty crazy. I still can't believe my business idea is working and so effortlessly to boot. Very, very proud of that.
I just want to get it started! I've been sick for over a week now and it's killing my energy - so it's not time just yet, but man when I get rolling... AHHH! So much good stuff for this year. I cannot wait to see where I stand at the end of 2015. It should be remarkable. YAY!
AND GO BUCKS! My prediction is kind of defeatist. I believe we will be Alabama, we match-up well... but I think Oregon (who will easily beat FSU) is a different story. I'm sure if we do end up beating Alabama later tonight I might change my tune as the National Championship approaches... but Oregon seems to have the complete package right now and as impressive as 59-0 was in the Big Ten Championship, we have NO idea how good/bad Wisconsin is and Cardale is still a huge question mark. But it's gonna be an awesome game to witness. Go. Bucks.