month ever.
12:30 PM, Sunday, November 30th, 2014:
May this always be tradition and may we play Xichigan every Thanksgiving weekend. Because for a Buckeye, Thanksgiving & Christmas fan? It just doesn't get any better than this. Oh and the STAR WARS TEASER at the El Capitan on Black Friday?!?! WHHHHHHHHHAT?!?!
Anyway, here's the Turkey and Tree part of this extravaganza...
The Xichigan game was so bittersweet this year I didn't include it... I mean, yay - you beat Xichigan, you're still alive for the playoffs and Barrett breaks his leg? And we have to play the number one running back in the country with our run defense the most suspect aspect of our game? Whew. I mean, if we win that game with out THIRD STRING quarterback, I have to think we get the 4-spot. That's just so remarkable and clearly shows how good we are as a team. TCU is screwed because they don't play a conference championship... but I also think Alabama, Oregon or Florida State is going to lose so we'll both get in. We'll know next week!
But the weekend! Sitting around, doing nothing and eating, drinking and being merry. Gotta love it. My mom is in town but she's really sick and it's kinda killing our ability to do much. Also raining like crazy so it's a stay inside kind of weekend. Oh the tree...
...so I was going to move where I usually put the tree and get a massive one - just to do it. It jumped from $60... to $200. That was the 8 foot to 10 or 12 foot jump.
Huh? $200? Two, hundred? What am I missing here? It was also a jump from Douglas Fir to Pine but holy fuck balls. And fake trees are like $500? I always thought I was being extravagant buying the real thing every year but I guess I'm going the cheap route.
Anyway, it was fun, Vienna is enjoying the lights around town this year and of course DISNEYLAND this week!!! Gonna be a fun run to end the year. So much goodness.
May these weekends always be this incredible. What a blast. Go Bucks.