month ever.
5:51 PM, Friday, November 28th, 2014:
I still remember the very first sentence I said after seeing the Star Trek reboot: "Why the hell couldn't Star Wars have a reboot like that." I was never a Star Trek fan and I loved the reboot (probably because I was never a Star Trek fan judging from people online). It was fun, it had energy and I was attracted to the characters enough to want to see what happens next. Seems simple, right? Well as the Star Wars prequels showed us, it isn't simple. So when I heard JJ was doin' Episode 7 I kinda flipped out. I have complete faith that he gets what was wrong with the prequels and will do this justice. And of course? The original cast. Holy shit. Luke, Leia, Han - AHHHHHHHHHHH. I couldn't possibly be more excited and I've already told Talya and her mother - there was only one thing I wanted for my 39th & 40th birthdays: to see Star Wars on it's opening night. Though, my ass is old enough I will probably go the following morning because a midnight showing is never happening with our sleep schedule... even in a year.
So when they announced that 100 theaters were showing the Star Wars Teaser on black Friday, yeah I kinda flipped. I immediately spent $20 a ticket for me and Talya (Jimmy jumped in too) to go to the first showing at the El Capitan to see it - and also see Big Hero 6 - in 3D on the BIG SCREEN and holy shit was it exciting. Of course I recorded it so you can all feel that buzz...
For the sake of continuity, the audio from that was the first showing in 2D. They then showed it in 3D. They showed it a final time after the movie and THAT is when I recorded the video (which is why the curtain is coming down). And yes at the end I did indeed say "DAMNIT. I wanted to see how they looked!". I was utterly disappointed that they didn't show the 3 original cast members, though I appreciate the need to not rely on them for the initial excitement. This is a new generation... but for crying out loud. ONE STILL BITCHES. A 2 second shot would've sufficed... AHHHHH. Clearly though, the choice was made to hold off until the first trailer. And we are 13 months away for crying out loud.
Though it did anyone ever consider that it could very well be that absolutely NOTHING in that trailer is in the actual film? I wouldn't be surprised if they just produced all of that for the teaser - and only the teaser - just to fake people out. How easy would it have been to do that! Time will tell.
Was it worth it to arrange all that and see it in the theater? Of course not. But I sure loved the build-up. I think next time I'm gonna download it and watch it on my big screen (man, I did that after we got home and it actually looked better - is that possible?) and film me & Jimmy's reaction. I love the pomp and circumstance of the whole thing. A year of goofy rumors and trailers and glimpses - I will have so much more fun with the peripherals of this than the actual movie. The mystery is so much fun.
Alright! The big game tomorrow (and also the tree, we ran out of time today). Expect an entry on Sunday and, well - that leaves freaking 10 entries I have to pull off in December. Hopefully I hear about the radio show soon as that'll take up a couple entries...
...oops, that was a secret. :-)