month ever.
9:01 PM, Tuesday, November 28th, 2014:
"How are the kids?"
"The kids are alright..." followed by random details that will morph over time. Vienna can't stop saying "NO BABY NO!". Cam can sort of sleep through the night but he's so freaking loud he wakes up Vienna so they can't sleep in the same room. Mama and Dada are tired. We're in that mode of trying to simply get to the next day when there's just a sliver of hope that a routine will emerge.
It's why I take videos like this one. I need to remember the innocuous things that really do fill the space between the extremes...
I think this is the stuff that most people let slip by. I unintentionally cut out Talya because she sat right in front of the camera. LOL. I'll try to set-up a 4 person shot soon. It can be tough to do that and be comfortable enough to forget there's a camera there.
But yeah, it's survival mode. I've already accomplished more than I thought possible this year and although I'm certainly an "in the moment" guy? I am absolutely looking forward to these kids having a normal schedule. Cam actually. Vienna has been on a normal schedule since 7 months. Cam has been a bit more chaotic because of breastfeeding and that slight imbalance makes things a lot harder. I really can't co-parent Cam like I did with Vienna. But soon, within the next few months, Cam will be weened, he will be sleeping through the night in the same room with his sister and only having one mid-day afternoon nap alongside her. Even writing that sentence I don't believe in my heart that it's possible. LOL. Like I picture that and think "That, will NEVER, happen." But of course, it will. When you have kids this close together you sacrifice a bit of peace at the beginning and once you get past that? They allign a lot quicker. Though right about now? I'm envious of people who have kids 3 or 4 years apart. Vienna is embracing "Two" so fucking hard right now I honestly wonder what it's doing to Cam's brain to be screamed at for opening his eyes. Vienna straight loses her SHIT. It's interesting though, because unlike other kids where there's a funny reason for the meltdown (see: "why my son is crying" online) with Vienna? It begins, occurs and ends completely in her own head. She creates a thought (everything needs to be this way, right now), the reality isn't like her thought (literally something as minimal as the order of coasters) and she is inconsolable. It's kind of fascinating, and also a little worrisome. I actually have a sigh of relief when she meltsdown about normal toddler shit like we said she couldn't eat something or she couldn't do something. She has a tantrum and all is right with the world. It's the other stuff that is mystifying. I honestly think she's exceptionally smart and we can't even get on her wave-length sometimes. It's kinda spooky. Time will tell.
But for the most part? The kids are alright. Talya's alright, and dada's in a holding pattern while certain things come together. Totally excited about Thanksgiving as my mom is coming in town, Jimmy Talya and I are seeing the STAR WARS TEASER on Friday, getting a TREE and then the Michigan game. Holy shit what a wonderful weekend.
...and at 9:30, I am going to sleep. Parenthood.