month ever.
5:02 PM, Friday, November 21st, 2014:
I don't even know how to start this one. I think the most telling thing is how freaking excited I am about this, whereas 10 years ago I would've begrudgingly accepted it simply because the market is so big. Then I knew there was more I could do. Now, I've done that, am continuing to do that, and would simply be thrilled to be able to participate in something I'm really, really good at.
So I'm on Facebook on Wednesday, going back and forth about the college football playoffs. Mo'kelly is jumpin' in and the usual banter takes place when we talk sports. It's less heated than political or race stuff - but it allows you to be a bit more in your face because at the end of the day:  who cares. It's football, not police beatings. Then I get a text:
"Do you have any desire to talk sports in a radio sense?"
I reply:
"Always. I did much for of my talk career. Kind of a prerequisite for being on-air in Columbus lol"
"Give me a call at my ofc. Please"
Apparently the 9-12 slot at AM570 is looking for new "& friends" for the "Bill Reiter & Friends" show and the host asked Mo if he knew anyone that was ready to go. He thought of me. We talked and he made it pretty clear "this is real, not a maybe... you can do this?" Which, honestly, 9-12? How perfect is that??!? 5 days a week, talking sports... the only reservation I had, and I told this to Mo, I hate baseball. This is a huge baseball town and I can't hide my disdain. Now, I can brush-up and truthfully? I end up following baseball even if I never watch a game simply because of having sports talk radio or ESPN on. So I actually do know quite a bit, but the actual PASSION? Is NBA & NFL and of course... Buckeyes. That's actually an angle that excites me because godDAMN I would love to bring some pro-Buckeye talk to the west coast. JESUS this town does not understand the madhouse that is football if you're born in Columbus, Ohio. That perspective will be awesome.
Now, not to count my chickens - but all he wanted was an updated resume and I will go in next week to meet the Program Director (and the host I assume). I've listened to several hours of his show and clearly, I can do this. Mo specifically mentioned my personality and listen, give me any side - even if I don't believe it 100% and I can talk my ass off about it. There is of course the other side of this...
...I don't half-ass much in my life. In fact I probably double and triple ass everything to ridiculous proportions. When I got in at WTVN I came early, stayed late... killed myself with production, made a name for myself quickly and move up the ranks. This is the big-leagues. #2 market in the country, a 5-day a week show and the ability to show my professionalism at every turn. I don't know how long I stay satisfied with an "& friends" thing. I don't mean I take over THAT show, I just mean... until I'm pushing to fill in for people when they're sick or when there's vacation (the KEY to moving up at a radio station). I'm starting a journey that I know I can do well and move quickly. Even with a 15 year hiatus... I know this game. Am I ready for that? It will encompass everything. It's... not as frightening a prospect as it was 10 years ago... but married, 2 kids? It might become my everything. Am I ready to give up the dreams of everything else? Then again - guess what radio leads to these days? EVERYTHING is broadcast so my TV skills are quite helpful. Even Hats & Minigolf has a bit more creedence if I'm also in radio. There's no down-sides really. I just know, again, I don't half-ass. And in situations where people tend to get lazy (and radio is notorious for that), I'm not. And it shows quickly. This could absolutely be the start of a big shift.
And I'm really, really excited. So I think that speaks volumes. I just can't imagine being able to tell people that ask what I do for a living... an actual fucking job. LOL. Oh and have you noticed I haven't mentioned money yet? Yeah, you don't get rich in this level of radio. It'll be something, but that's not the key motivator. It's the ability to do something I'm really good at and erase that feeling that lingers when you're simply not living up to your abilities.
I'm also in a position to not go insane with this. To really just do my 3 hours, go to some events and be a great team player... but not try to take over the world. I'll just have to play it by ear. I mean considering we'll only be talking sports, I think that will allow me to compartmentalize and leave room for my other exploits. Shit, I'm just rambling - this is a BRILLIANT opportunity for me and I can't fucking believe it. Holy shit, thank you Mo. I sure hope this works out because it's been all I've thought about for 2 days now. Man I want to do this.
Next week may be a big one. What an awesome Thanksgiving surprise. Novembers man. They always find a way to surprise me.