month ever.
5:03 PM, Monday, November 10th, 2014:
WHUTUP MAN. So, yeah the first year of your life just happened to be the busiest, craziest, most chaotic year of our lives. Although you have a ton of video that we all watch privately? You have been kinda gettin' the shaft when it comes to The Journey. I hope by the time you're reading this you understand how unintentional that is and just how difficult it is to even have a spare SECOND to film you alone. Not that you need that, but we do have a lot of one-on-one time and by the time it even occurs to me to record something there is a scream, an emergency or your sister is photobombing the video. Kind of the way it goes when you come second, even if it's only by a year.

That being said, I caught some video last night and I knew it needed an entry. Your very own entry I might add. Check this out:
It's clearly in you, isn't it? You're transformed by music in a way Vienna wasn't. She is now, for sure - and we all spend time rockin' out as a family, but you by as early as 6 or 7 months react to music. Shaking, dancing, clappin'. You freak out. You love that shit. You are never happier than when music is on (or when Vienna is making you laugh). It's a sight to behold and I'm pretty thrilled I got a minute of what it's like. It's awesome.
I hope you don't see this as any sort of pressure to BE musical or follow that path. Forget all that shit. You just follow what you feel and don't worry about the outside pressures. You may end up poor, but you'll be happy. Hell you might not always be happy - but you'll be a lot more miserable if you don't listen to that thing inside you. And, if you feel the urge to play it safer? LISTEN TO THAT TOO. That's the funny thing about life - it gives you all the answers. We just read the outside environment too much and get all screwed up inside. But hell, we all do it. You will too. Man, what the hell am I writing this much for? LOL.
The point, Cam, was to showcase you being a little Music Man. It's so completely different than Vienna who was an incredibly serious and focused baby that it needed to be set in stone even though you're only 10 months old. Fun stuff. Having kids is pretty miraculous. Dig it. The cool thing is, though, I like so many different facets of life I feel like I'll always be able to relate to you and your sister in any path you choose. Fortunate in that. I just hope you guys dig hangin' out from time to time in between your adventures. I do adore daydreaming about the lives you two will have. Not even vicariously or bemoaning my lost youth - I'm legitimately excited for you because I did some incredible things. I really did start a family at the perfect time for me. I sure hope that helps you enjoy your childhood more.
...as long as I don't inadvertently maim you from making a mistake as a parent. (seriously man, I hope you never feel just how close it felt to losing you - ohhhh JEzus.)
But you're great! And funny! And I'm so sorry Vienna screams in your face and hits you. It's as maddening to us as it is to you. Hopefully she chills out and the giggles outweigh the ear-piercing screaming because you existed at that moment. Man, how many times throughout your childhood am I gonna have to have the "It has nothing to do with you" discussion? Ugggggggh. You're too damn young for that shit! LOL.
(trying to hold back misogynist comments here, but I'm certain everyone reading this knows what I'm smirking at)
Love you man! Life is starting to slow down a bit! And it's the holidays!! WOOHOO! And you turn 1 next month!!!! YAYYYYYYYYY!